Crazy insane work load open thread *UPDATED*

After a year of professional drought, I’m having a week of deluge.  Blogging will continue light at least through tomorrow.  I’m grateful for the money this will generate, but I could wish for a steadier, less hysterical work load.  Of course, next week, when this ends, I’ll be again bemoaning the lack of paying work.  Really, you just can’t please me.

In any event, I always look forward to all the interesting stuff you guys post at these Open Threads, so I hope you’ll avail yourself of this opportunity while I go and drown what’s left of my brain cells in a loathsome stew of securities law and fraud claims.

UPDATE:  Just FYI, Steven Gilbert, at Sweetness & Light, needs your help.  This could be any one of us bloggers in the hot seat.  Blackfive has more if you’re confused about what’s happening here — and it’s not pretty.  And Glenn Reynolds gives information how bloggers can protect themselves.

UPDATE II:  Random factoid — at this precise moment in time (10:00 p.m. in California), I’m getting readers from Kabul, Afghanistan and from Singapore.  I think that is beyond cool.  Me!  With global reach!