Yes, I miss him *UPDATED*

On the one hand, we have a little man (figuratively speaking), sitting at a big, empty desk, speaking in deadened tones and flat words, as his eyes roam relentlessly back and forth between his teleprompter, desperately avoiding the single word that so aptly sums up American bravery and sacrifice:  Victory!

And on the other hand, we once had this:

I started appreciating George Bush on September 11, 2001, and came to respect him greatly in the intervening years.  And boy, do I miss him now.  He didn’t always do things with which I agreed, but he was always, always, a person of great integrity, decency, patriotism and personal warmth.  All of that shows in the speech above.

Hat tip:  Commentary’s post about Obama’s anticipated absence from Ground Zero on 9/11 this year.

UPDATE:  Turns out I’m not the only one feeling nostalgic for President Bush today.  Heck, Obama is so bad, some are even feeling nostalgic for Clinton.

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  • Gringo

    You notice that Dubya had some success in quieting the crowd. Not a dummy.

  • Mike Devx

    This is off-topic. but David Brooks appears to be in the mode of “Yes, I miss him – The Obama I thought I knew”.
    This David Brooks column – an alternate history of how the Democrats might have managed 2009-2010 – is so unintentionally funny!

    After reading it, you really have to wonder.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are real-life Pelosi and Reid.  But the Obama in his piece is the anti-Obama!  Every step of his imaginary piece has Obama acting in ways that are completely not Obama-like.  I get the impression that Brooks is STILL holding out for this imaginary, ultra-wise Obama, that Brooks loves so much.  HE DOESN’T EXIST!  HE NEVER DID!  You really have to question the wisdom of this so-called intellectual guy named David Brooks.  When it comes to Obama what in the hell happened to his brain?  Does he even have a clue???

  • Ymarsakar

    He’s using his brains to exploit poor people. He ain’t got anything left to reason out motivations and human behavior.

  • Earl

    I want to point out that when GW made those remarks on the rubble, the TOTUS was nowhere in sight!  And I didn’t hear any “Um”s, or “Uh”s, or anything similar.  The man spoke what was on his heart.

  • Mike Devx

    This may be the best place to put an off-topic comment on the cultural warfront…
    Several new movies opened this weekend.  Two of them are typical  Hollywood left claptrap.  Let’s take a look.
    First up: Machete.  It’s a bloody exploitation movie, which is fine for its genre.  But unfortunately it is also something else:  A deeply racist, anti-white, anti-conservative movie.  Does it go far enough to be described as being Anti-American itself?
    Big Hollywood has this to say and much else besides:

    Who the illegals fight against on screen is one thing. What their words mean is altogether something else. That’s the shell game Rodriguez plays and his racially divisive messaging goes way beyond the normal cinematic political posturing and button-pushing. And you will never see a more stereotypically racist portrayal of Southerners, who, in an obvious reference to the border Minute Men, are not only played for cheap laughs but portrayed as sub-human animals who hunt and murder illegals – kill a helpless pregnant woman and say “Welcome to America.”

    Now, on to “The American”.  This is the George Clooney vehicle.  He plays an American assassin in Europe.  He’s deeply sunk in ennui and depression and clueless wandering, purposelessness, uselessness.  He’s a murderer living a depraved, worthless life, and in psychological crisis he is now in collapse.  The movie is about his redemption as a human being.
    Get that?  The movie is about HIS REDEMPTION AS A HUMAN BEING.
    What did they title this movie?
    “Assassin Blues”?  No.
    “To Kill And To Live”?   No
    “Killer Reformed”? No
    “Murder, Love, And Chocolate”?  No
    No, they decided to call this movie “The American”.  Unless you’re far gone into the PC wonderland, this should strike you as very, very strange.  As I said above: He’s a murderer living a depraved, worthless life, and in psychological crisis he is now in collapse.  The movie is about his redemption as a human being.
    And they call this “The AMERICAN”.  The signal is clear: We Americans as a group are living depraved, worthless lives, and in psychological collapse we need to find the (far-left) solution to becoming good human beings again.  That is what it means to be “The American”.
    It is such a bizarre title for a movie of this subject and of this type.  It is no accident.