Where your money is going *UPDATED*

As I’ve mentioned, the money that my readers kindly deposit into my PayPal account is money I earmark for conservative activities.  (I feel that the blog is very much mine, so it’s not as offensive to my husband’s liberal sensibilities to use this money, as opposed to household money, for purely political activities.) Today, I spent $15.00 to attend the Conservative GroupaPalooza that’s being held in Mill Valley, California on September 26.

The GroupaPalooza is a very big deal because, until recently, Marin conservatives were an exceptionally passive bunch who did not congregate for fear of being obvious.  I therefore hope that those of my readers who are within reasonable driving distance of Mill Valley (you don’t just have to be in Marin) think about attending.

If you’re on the fence, you might find the list of speakers enticing: Ward Connerly, Prof. John Yoo (author of the so-called “torture” memos and prof of law at Berkeley), Thomas Lifson (Editor, American Thinker), Brian Sussman and Melanie Morgan.

I count Thomas Lifson amongst my friends and can assure you that he is, in a word, fascinating, not to mention just plain nice. I’ve met Melanie Morgan a couple of times and she is delightful: charming, vivacious, committed and informed. As for the others, I know them by reputation, and am very excited to hear them in person.

UPDATE: Here’s one other very cool event for Bay Area conservatives: A Carly Fiorina townhall, which will be held at noon, on Friday, September 10, at the Mill Valley rec center. I assume seating is limited so, if you’re interested, sign up here.  The event is free, with the $10 kicking in only if you want a boxed lunch.  The computer interface is a little silly, so please follow carefully the instructions for signing up for that lunch.  Sadly, it’s not intuitive.

Also, if you do sign up, and cannot attend, please let the event coordinators know.  That way, if the event is sold out, they can make the space available to someone who tried to sign up, but was unable to do so.  It’s very frustrating to have a full plate of RSVPs, but to end up with empty chairs.