Backdoor Communism

The British government has proposed stealth communism:  all paychecks go to the government first, which then doles out to the wage earner whatever amount the government feels is the wage earner’s due.  Think about it.  As Pat Sajak wrote yesterday, withholding is bad enough, because it deprives the worker of a sense of ownership over that portion of the money he never sees.  Nevertheless, under the withholding system, the employee at least gets some money which he owns.  The British government, however, is proposing a system by which ownership of all wages lies with the government.  You can dress that up as efficiency, as the Brits are trying to do, but it sure looks like communism to me.

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  • suek

    Communism?  Or out and out slavery…!
    Sort of like getting an allowance.  I know GB has gotten a lot of “Nanny State” stuff, but this is out and out ridiculous.

  • suek

    By the way…something happened to the blog over the last five days or so… it started being _REALLY_ slow loading.  It took about 3 minutes to complete loading the entire page.  I was going to ask if something had changed…but whatever changed, now appears to have changed back.  Page is loading quickly again.
    Maybe it’s my problem??  has anyone else had the same problem?

  • Bookworm

    Thanks for the info, Suek.  I thought I was having browser problems — which I am — so was unable to distinguish my problems from blog problems.  If that problem returns, please let me know, and I’ll pass the word on to my wonderful web master.

  • Charles Martel

    I read the story explaining the British taxing authority’s proposal and came away shocked by opponents’ arguments. All of the objections raised are concerns about the efficiency of the system the bureaucracy is proposing, and how its track record with computers and sophisticated programs is not very good.

    One opponent was wringing hands over what could happen if the taxmen accidentally take too much out of a citizen’s…..oops, subject’s… Goodness, it could turn into a nightmare trying to prove to the bureaucrats that they a.) took too much and b.) should pay it back.

    But there was nary an argument about the proposal’s sheer arrogance and assumption that a government may commandeer people’s money and then hold it ransom until it decides the size of the ransom.

    The Brits really have turned into a pathetic mob of dimwit “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” extras. They have lost both the taste and knack for freedom.

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  • Ymarsakar

    People are always working at making slavery a viable system.