Californians: Vote a straight Republican ticket

My friend Sally Zelikovsky says it in the clearest words possible:  Unless conservatives in California vote for the Republicans, we will have a Sacramento government made up entirely of San Francisco Democrats.  If that horrible outcome sounds painfully obvious to you, you don’t know California.

There are two dynamics in California that are a problem.  First, conservatives don’t like the Republican candidates.  (They’re right not to.  Fiorina is lovely — and may she get well soon — but the others are “eh” at best.)  This means California conservatives may be tempted to (a) sit this one out or (b) vote for a write-in or minor candidate.  Those are luxuries of ordinary elections, though.  In California, this election is not about a favored conservative candidate winning; it’s about making sure the Democratic candidate loses.  And the only way to do that is with vast numbers of votes for the Republican, even if that requires some nose holding.

The other dynamic is Prop. 19, the initiative to legalize marijuana.  Have you wondered by George Soros is promoting it?  Do you think George Soros gives a flying whatsit about whether Californians have legal marijuana?  I can assure you that he doesn’t.  But he knows one group that does care a great deal, and it’s a group that votes reliably Democrat:  young people.  Yup.  Prop. 19 is a “get out the youthful Democrat vote” effort.  This means that, while most young people around America are sitting out this election, there is a very good chance that California’s young people will be heading to the polls.

So if you’re a Californian, and you have memories, increasingly faint memories, of a true Golden State, VOTE and VOTE REPUBLICAN.

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  • suek

    Don’t know exactly how I ended up at this particular blog, but in regards to the question of “to what end”, it’s very interesting.  I’d sure welcome input from you good thinkers.

    I think it’s a religion of sorts – effectively.  I don’t see anything about measures of enforcement for violators – I suspect that becomes the critical question.  Any societal governance will work as long as those within the society agree with the rules and abide by them.  The problem becomes what to do with those who do _not_ agree and abide.  The three possible solutions are death penalty, incarceration of some sort, or expulsion.  Well…maybe a fourth – penalize in such a way as to confiscate all earthly possessions and require the person to “start over”, so to speak.

  • suek

    By the way…here’s another one that I find interesting.  Note that there’s a Soros link on this one as well.  Does it link to the above issue?    Is Soros the puppet master in all this???  How much damage can he do before he dies?  what happens to his billions and billions when he dies?

  • Tonestaple

    Suek, we’ll just have to hope that the Soros story will be “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”

    I understand why you’re concerned, Book, but isn’t it best if California collapses around the Democrats’ heads?  If a Republican is in charge when it finally collapses under the weight of its debt and spending, we know who will be blamed even though the legislature and government employee unions are really responsible.

    On the other hand, the press will find some way to blame Republicans anyway.  On the other other hand, no matter who is in charge, California has probably gone past any point of recovery.

  • Spartacus

    Tonestaple… that’s three hands.  😉

  • Ymarsakar

    “I understand why you’re concerned, Book, but isn’t it best if California collapses around the Democrats’ heads?”
    Parasites don’t die until the host is dead. California isn’t going to collapse. The federal government is just going to milk the rest of the country. Like bank bailouts. Like auto bailouts. Too big to fail. Hell, if a multi million dollar company is too big, then how about a multi billion dollar state.