Good news for those who trust the government

Bad news for the rest of us, at least when it comes to medical care.  Let us hope, therefore, that AJ Strata is right about the wave, because we need a countervailing tsunami to stop the wave Obama and the Democrats put into motion.

By the way, let me add my voice to the voices of other conservatives who are warning that, if the Republicans own the House, they cannot reverse ObamaCare.  If the Republicans own the House and manage, by the skin of their teeth, to grab the Senate, the still cannot reverse ObamaCare.  As I’ve been saying for a long time now, Obama is not a Clinton.  He will not pivot.  As long as he has the veto, the fact that Republicans will lack a veto-proof majority means that he will block any efforts to repeal ObamaCare.  The most that Republicans can do — and this is what we must demand of them — is to slow Obama’s projects, refuse to enact new ones and, whenever possible, lower taxes and cut spending.

Just remember, though, that Obama is the troll under the bridge, stopping all who pass.