Socialist governments just LOVE to control food

As Jonah Goldberg pointed out in Liberal Fascism, socialists, as part of their ongoing effort to perfect mankind, are obsessed with food intake.  The Nazis were especially focused on purifying the Aryan body.

Now, I’m not likening the San Francisco Board of Stupidvisors to the Nazis — God forbid! — but I am pointing out that they are completely in line with the socialist obsession with controlling humans, not just from cradle to grave, but from mouth to rectum as well.  How else to explain that the Stupes have voted overwhelmingly to prevent San Francisco consumers from buying McDonald’s Happy Meals if they feel so inclined.

First they came for the salt, and I didn’t say anything, because I’m dont’ use too much salt in my food.  Then they came for the Happy Meals, and I didn’t say anything, because I prefer McDonald’s chicken strips.  And then they came for the chocolate, and there was no one left to speak, because they’d all been sent to food reeducation camp and were completely apathetic from hunger and sensory deprivation.

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  • JKB

    I suppose the SF McDonald’s won’t offer the Happy Meal sans toy and the Supervisor’s meal for kids with a toy?


    Food Police of S.F.  – it would have been a skit on SNL  35 years ago.  The absurdity here is that the board, is made up of one single food group – NUTS!

  • Bookworm

    LOL, Sadie.

  • 11B40

    So, does that mean there won’t be any Happy Meals at this years “Up Your Alley Fair”?

  • SGT Dave

    I, personally, find this to be a good development – and bear with me on this.
    Children want Happy Meals.  Period.  Not a burger, fries, and soda (or even chicken nuggets, apple dippers, and milk), but HAPPY MEALS!
    Young (20-ish) parents who are oh so PC will find themselves beset by their offspring, demanding barbie or lego or harry potter or whatever toy of the week is on the TV ad.  And it won’t be there. 
    And so they will have to drive OR they will have to appeal to the city to change its mind.
    And they won’t be so enamoured of the people who said their kids wouldn’t notice or care. 
    And they will wake up a little bit.

    And a little bit awake and conservative is a lot like a little bit pregnant – you only can ignore the bump in front of you for so long before you have to accept reality.

    I’M LOVIN’ IT!

    SSG Dave
    Can’t eat at McD – makes me sick, but I take my kids anyway.

  • Bookworm

    I wish I could be as optimistic as you SGT Dave.  One of the few smart things AlBore ever said was to repeat the point about frogs being unaware if they’re boiled to death slowly enough.  I fear that incremental socialism, especially for young people who are used to it, sees them dead, before they know what’s happened.

  • SGT Dave

    I try to be optimistic, especially regarding kids.  One of the main problems that the incremental socialists have is that they can’t hit everywhere at once.  If they “win”, then McDonalds loses the kid meal crowd.  Which means that McD goes out of business (seriously, the kids ARE the margin for that place).  McD will lose ground to places like Dairy Queen, Culvers, and even Steak and Shake (depending on your region) because those spots have the dessert advantage.  McD loses ground with the kids, they start closing up storefronts.  The spiral gets really ugly for the socialist types at this point, because even the PC drones like their Big Mac or QP with cheese.  I’m on the side of the light coming in through the cracks – it worked for you, didn’t it? 😉

    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the CA marijuana initiative.  Do the tokers realize that they are getting out of $100 misdemeanor possession charges in exchange for $375-1000 smoking inside building citations?  Or that with MJ as a legal drug, the threshold for DUI is now “appeared impaired and has detectable amounts of marijuana in his/her urine sample”?   The state is so going to make money on this – the heck with possession and the unenforceable small fines; the DUI piece means they be able to impound cars (and sell them if they are not claimed) along with the whole tax the heck out of MJ lobby.  They’re in for a surprise if it passes; unintended consequences are going to get them – and they will realize they should have been happy when it was illegal and unenforced.

    I’m watching the election results, so I’ll be up for a while.  KS and MO are quite interesting this year. 

    SSG Dave
    “You ever notice that people that get what they wished for end up wishing for something else?”

  • Bookworm

    I’m a terrible loser, SGT Dave, so it’s a challenge for me to watch the elections.  While I celebrate the victories, I don’t handle the losses well.  I’m so sad the Frank beat Beilat.  I’m sad about New York.  I’m sad about O’Donnell.  I have the wrong temperament for the “thrill” of an election night.

    I also think I’ve never recovered from 1980.  Although in retrospect Carter’s concession was the best thing that ever happened to America, at the time, as a California voter, I was extremely disheartened that Carter (for whom I voted, as a good Dem drone would) conceded before I’d even gotten to the polls.

    The whole exit polling thing essentially disenfranchises those who vote late in the date, whether as compared to the early voters in the same state, or as compared to the East Coast voters.

    The net of my 1980 experience is that I’d prefer not to know the outcome until ALL the votes are counted.

    As for Prop. 19, I’m ambivalent about the laws making pot illegal.  The libertarian side of me says prohibition never works.  The moralizing part of me says society needs to take a stand against damaging substances.  The libertarian side of me says society needs to let people fail, and that includes letting people fail not only themselves, but their family and friends.  The moralizing side of me has a sister who is a stoner and has never quite gotten over seeing her go from a brilliant golden child to a faded broke old hippie.

    Just as DADT was functionally a good compromise for the military, I think the current state of California laws regarding pot — it’s illegal, but we don’t enforce it too hard — was also a functional compromise.  Making it legal gives it an imprimatur that I, as a mother, don’t like.

    It seems to me that the best thing we can do, and that’s not the direction we’re heading, is to make pot socially unacceptable, as we did with smoking.  Pot makes you stupid, pot makes you sound stupid.  Stupid isn’t cool.  Also, as you point out, pot is just as carcinogenic as cigarettes.  You may not smoke as much, but to the extent you make those inhales last, it’s not good for you.


    The state is so going to make money on this….
    Wasn’t that the true reason for placing Prop 19 on the ballot/bong box?

  • SGT Dave

    The races I’m watching for are MO-4 (Ike Skelton vs. Vickie Hartzler) and MO-5 (unknown Turk vs. Cleaver).  That and having KS go all red in all four House races is very exciting to me.  Former Senator Brownback will be the new governor – again a win, since I know and admire him.  Some of the losses are hard, but I always believed that we (the conservative side) would only get the House this time around.  The Senate was a major uphill battle, even if things went perfectly.  One chamber is a good start; they can’t claim “obstruction” and have it stick.  The wave will continue through 2012 – or at least the water mark will be high enough to retain the House, and there will be more vulnerable D’s in the Senate – especially in Missouri, where the ’06 wave carried in an abberation. 
    All in all, as a student of history, I am seeing the good in this election cycle.  Further, I’m seeing the threats to “safe” D locations as a boon for the long run.  There are no safe senate races for the “blue” side any more.  Even if we lose, we’ve still won. 

    And I’ve never been against legalizing pot – I’m more concerned with the loopholes that are opening for abuse of authority than with the social acceptance.  Pot heads are, have been, and will continue to be losers.  One need only look at them.  I probably won’t have a problem with my kids even experimenting with the wacky weed or regular tobacco.  Both my wife and I are allergic to tobacco and I’m violently reactive to pot and pot smoke (I break out in angry red hives and get migranes).  I figure since we’ve already seen the allergy sniffles to the usual crud that gets the wife and I, they both probably got those allergies, too.  One less battle as a parent, when one can count on allergies to make the “awful” part of smoking feel like a near-death experience.

    Anyhow, back to watching the updating maps; it looks like the last Truman Democrat is dying of Pelosi poisoning in Missouri.  And I liked Ike; he was a nice guy.

    SSG Dave
    “There are no truly lost battles, save for those that die of them.  There are only long retreats and new objectives to recapture.” – paraphrase from Sun Tsu

  • Bookworm

    Californians are dying on the vine, but it’s nice that Kansas isn’t being stupid.  You’ve cheered me up a little.

    As for pot, I tried it once (as an adult) and found the experience horrifying.  I like reality; I don’t like altered reality, even slightly altered.  I also hated the idea of doing something illegal.  Just didn’t work for me.

  • SGT Dave

    CA isn’t done yet; it will just be a very difficult few years.  I know it sounds all “bright, shiny, and stupid” to think that the situation will improve, but I really do think there is hope.  It all keys on a few issues that will come to a head very soon in the demographics there.  One – the increasing move to the right by resident (both legal and illegal) Hispanics in California.  I know it isn’t apparent, but second and third generation Hispanics are trending conservative – and those with legitimate interests and intent to remain in the U.S. are fiscal conservatives and very upset about the D side’s abortion stance.  Second demographic to watch is the Asian/Pacific influx.  This is another heavily fiscally conservative group that has strong views on reproductive rights – and is trending towards the right.  Finally, we’re starting to see the implosion of the African-American community – bear with me on this – the move by younger African-Americans away from the community churches because of the anti-Christian bent of the D side is splintering their community cohesion.  As they become more disaffected, they are also becoming disenfranchised by both criminal record and apathy.  Consider the “huge” press of the ’08 election – that community performed at +5% or so.  So the total vote was about 45-48% of eligible in a “massive” turn out; and of that 45-48 over 80% were over the age of 30.  They’ve lost the youth of that demographic to self-elimination; they don’t believe they made a difference (and were told they didn’t, since the D’s screamed about the wins in the “enemy” areas of the suburbs).  They’re disaffected and didn’t show up then – and are less likely to show up in two years now that the novelty is gone.
    All in all, CA is in trouble, yes, but it is trouble that will be working itself out fairly quick in a historic viewpoint – say fifteen years or so.

    SSG Dave
    “The only problem with the long view is that the good stuff is so far away.”

  • Bookworm

    In about 15 years, SGT Dave, if you’re wrong, I’ll get back to you and hold you accountable.  😉

    Drudge is calling it for Boxer and Brown, though, so I’m thinking Californians are too stupid to learn any time soon.

  • SGT Dave

    Too soon to call on Boxer/Fiorina.  Brown has the advantage of a short-memory crowd.  They associate him with good times (for now); give them two years to remember why they hated him enough to kick him out.  Boxer, on the other hand, is vulnerable in a lot of areas considered “safe” in the state – and ABC/the mass of media pollsters is not always going to be in the right spot to catch the mood. 

    I’m in a good mood, but it will be time for bed in about 15.  Off to work, of course, and trying to figure out what comes next on the southern border.

    SSG Dave
    “Really, the glass is always full.  It just depends on whether you prefer the part full of water or the part full of air.”

  • SGT Dave

    By the way, BW,
    ABC just withdrew the “pick” on Boxer from their site.  With 8% reporting she’s only up 48-47.  Someone may be getting a surprise, indeed.

    SSG Dave
    “There are those that say that the effort is enough; I say that if the effort is sufficient, the goal is reached.”

  • Bookworm

    Only 8% reporting and they called it for her!?  See, that’s what I mean about these early election calls.  It’s just wrong.  WRONG!  Early calls disenfranchise voters.

  • Don Quixote

    How does it disenfranchise voters?  They don’t call until all polls are closed and everybody who is going to vote has voted.

  • Charles Martel

    “With 8% reporting she’s only up 48-47.  Someone may be getting a surprise, indeed.”

    SGT Dave, California’s vote counting apparatus is run by Democrats. I hope you can see where I’m going with that statement.

  • Bookworm

    What I mean, DQ, is that, if my vote is not counted, which is likely the case if the election is called after only 8% of the votes are counted, it is as if I didn’t vote.

  • suek

    Checking results this am, I saw that Fiorina had won….WAIT A MINUTE…FIORINA??? That’s not what I heard!!!  Then realized the results I was looking at were for my county only.  Darn.
    I’m still waiting for a good run down of results for the whole state!


    suek, late last night I read this article – my eyes almost fell out of my head!

    But the federal government, in a little-noticed ruling last year, decided that companies that received U.S. bailout money under the Troubled Asset Relief Program won’t fall under that rule.

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