Could California go red? *UPDATED*

I wouldn’t have thought so, but AJ Strata thinks it’s an actual possibility.

What’s bizarre to me, a native Californian, is that nobody in California seems to have figured out that California’s golden years coincided with Republican governance and its years of decline coincided with Democrat control of either the assembly or the governorship (or both).

UPDATE:  I should clarify here that, when I say “Republican governance,” I guess I really mean more old-fashioned governance that was not focused unrelentingly on welfare; savage attacks on business; open borders; environmentalism that goes beyond stewardship and into outright hostility to human-beings; unsustainable taxes; pension plans; etc.  In the old days, before the 1970s, whether a Democrat or a Republican occupied the governor’s seat, and whether Democrats and or Republicans controlled the assembly, California was still governed within fairly traditional parameters — and it thrived.