New memes and old facts when it comes to the oldest hatred

Lately, Mr. Bookworm has been obsessed with Glenn Beck, and he keeps attacking my conservativism by saying that Beck is the “most dangerous man in the world.”  The genesis for this theory is a series of Jon Stewart shows that skewered Glenn Beck shows, in which the latter attacked George Soros.

Soros, of course, is genetically Jewish, although he was raised as a Christian, assisted the Nazis with collecting Jewish property (an experience he describes as one of the best in his life), and is implacably hostile to the State of Israel,  a hostility he backs by funding all sorts of anti-Israeli groups and causes.  Nevertheless, because Soros is sort of Jewish, Stewart argues, and Mr. Bookworm believes, that Beck’s attacks on Soros are the television equivalent of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The “Beck is an antisemite because he’s attacking George Soros” meme is spreading.  Mr. Bookworm was very excited this morning to read a New Yorker opinion piece making precisely the same point:  Beck is an antisemite because he’s pointing out that Soros is an antisemite.  What’s really funny is that Beck quotes Soros directly, while the New Yorker labors mightily, using only its own words, to construct a narrative of Soros as victim, rather than an antisemitic sociopath who happened to have Jewish ancestors.  Some spin.

This Soros/Beck focused meme is that it cleverly manages to ignore the real antisemitism out there — and that antisemitism, with the exception of a few universally ignored paleocons, comes from the Left.  A case in point is the way in which liberal churches are allying themselves with the Palestinian “underdog,” merely because Palestinians are underdogs.  The churches seem blind to the fact that these “underdogs” promote homosexual murder; the enslavement, torture and death of women; the genocide of Jews, the “wrong” Muslims and Christians; etc.  For liberals, all that matters is that they’re underdogs.  ‘Nuff said.

Likewise, these same churches are advocating the pernicious “replacement” theology, the same theology authorized the anti-Jewish atrocities that characterized the Middle Ages and, in Eastern Europe, managed to stay alive all the way through World War II.   Currently, this “replacement” theology is especially foul because it’s being used to deny the Jews’ ancient and continuous ties to the Holy Land.

Others on the Left, blinded by their hated for George Bush (who has always supported Israel) and by their reflexive and ignorant affiliation with “underdogs” who are struggling against the U.S. and Israel (never mind that the underdogs are indistinguishable from Nazis, or worse, in their beliefs), are equally hostile to Israel and, by extension, to the Jews.  JoshuaPundit has noted on two occasions that Andrew Sullivan, the intellectual darling of the Left, makes pronouncements that could easily have come from any old Jew hater — not that you’d ever hear them from Beck, who hates only Soros, but not the Jews.

Funnily enough, neither Jon Stewart nor the New Yorker, nor any other liberal (and liberal-Jewish) people and publications, seems to have a problem with the blatant antisemitism emanating from the Left.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    Does Mr. Bookworm ever think a thought he hasn’t picked up from an Approved Source?

    The irony here is that one self-hating Jew, Jon (Leibowitz) Stewart is defending another self-hating Jew, George Soros. In my dealings with this ilk, it never fails to amaze me how Esau-like they are. For the pottage of being accepted by “progressives” and various other secular haters, they are willing to trade the deep insights and joys of Judaism. 

    Whatta bunch of shmegegges. 

  2. Danny Lemieux says

    I remember the one day that a Jewish business colleague that rather I liked turned to me and started denying anything good about Israel, making apologies for Israel.
    I, the gentile, wanted to throw up. Shame on him.
    I have never quite been able to look at him with respect after that.

  3. SADIE says

    This is damned if you are, Jewish damned if you aren’t Jewish, with Mr. Bookworm.  He obviously does not ‘approve’ of Glenn Beck and is using Soros & Stewart to bolster his opinion. I seriously think, he needs to define what is Jewish. Would he call me a ‘kike’ if he thought it would improve his status. How far would he go to be part of the ‘accepted’ meme. What if the discussion was about Madoff and not Soros.
    In the meantime, just tell’em that both Leah and myself would take Beck over those boobs any day.

  4. says

    Sadie, Madoff would make off with Mr. Book’s entire cash reserves in investments.
    Easy mark. Then you could say, “Madoff made off with his cash”.
    I have never quite been able to look at him with respect after that.
    It raises an interesting question. If a Jew finds it so easy to talk badly of the only nation on Earth that was formed expressly to give Jews a safe haven from pogroms and death squad executions, how much would it take to buy off this American Jews to make him betray America?
    Or has the percentage of Jews voting for Democrat already given that game away. We know what made Soros’ price. Cha ching. Same with Judas. Same with Benedict Arnold. Cha ching. They hear that sound and they got to get it, it seems. Nazis said you get cash if you help them out, Soros said, “that’s great for me”. The British told Benedict how he would get asylum and silver, and Benedict said, “I’m making sure America loses gracefully”. And we all know what happened with Judas.
    Did the freaking incompetents in the atheist crowd voting for Obama ever realize that just because they put into power a Betrayer, that this doesn’t mean they won’t be betrayed themselves? They must not have paid much attention to history.

  5. SADIE says

    I can’t summarize it any better than Medved, Kristol, etc. I add that there are several generations, who have never experienced antisemitism in America.
    Are they clueless? You betcha they are. No doubt in mind that they can luxuriate in their liberalism only because Israel exists. Antisemitism was rampant in America during the 1930’s and I got a good dose of it in the 1950’s coupled with neighbors, who had survived Auschwitz.
    Sometime in l964, we moved to the burbs. About half mile from our home was one of ‘those’ country clubs/golf course settings. The no Jews allowed country club, no longer has such a policy and my children, who were born in the late 1960’s would have no living memory of it.

  6. Danny Lemieux says

    What an excellent link, SADIE…I read and re-read it from beginning to end.
    So, to summarize “why Jews reflexively vote Liberal”:
    David Wolpe believes that there is a deep-seated need among American Jews to feel as if they don’t belong, as outsiders nipping at the fringes of society.
    Jonathan Sarna basically restates Norman Podhoretz’s assertion that “Liberalism” has become the new religion of secular Reform Jews.
    Michael Medved says it is not so much pro-Liberal as anti-Christian, anti-religious and even anti-“Jewish”. Like the Palestinians, many modern American Jews define themselves not so much by what they are for as they do so by who and what they are against.
    Bill Kristol isn’t really sure.
    Jeff Jacoby attributes it to a fierce desire to create a society where Jews don’t stand out and a naive and historically wrong belief in the power of strong, centralized government (a “king”) to create a society where religion doesn’t divide people.
    David Gelernter attributes it to American Jews of the Liberal /Left traveling the same intellectual dead-end journey from religiosity (with all of its obligations) to secularism to a death-worshipping paganism that is apparent in European societies.
    I think all of these insights have merit (including Bill Kristol’s). What I find fascinating is how so many leading Jews — from Reform (Dennis Prager) to Orthodox (Michael Medved) backgrounds have so successfully ensconced themselves on the intellectual pinnacles of American conservatism without due recognition from the mostly-Leftwing Jewish communities. Are they doomed to be like the Old Testament prophets that warned of retributive consequences only to summarily ignored?

    I would also be curious to know if there is a dichotomy of political beliefs between Jewish families that were already well-established in North America at the time of the American Revolution up-until the mid-19th Century and those that came with the immigrant waves of the late-19th and early 20th-Centuries from Russia, Germany and Eastern Europe at the height of their socialist transformations.
    Great link. Thanks again, SADIE.

  7. says

    The opinions of individuals and groups appear to have a great deal of inertial. This is particularly true when access to information is limited and/or biased.

    I read somewhere about a remote village in Russia where, at the time of the German invasion of 1941, the local Jews looked forward eagerly to the arrival of the German troops. They remembered the polite and correct German officers of the previous war, who were much preferable to the local drunken and anti-Semitic Russian officials.

    Their excuse was that they were cut off from most news of what had been going on in the world. Today’s leftists have no such excuse; however, many of them do live in an information environment that is totally one-sided. If one gets news and opinions from the dinousaur media, the kinds of facts and opinons that we regularly discuss here must seem fantastic to the point of being crazy.

  8. Leah says

    I find it interesting that MR. Bookwormroom has taken up antisemitism as a cause. My understanding is that there is nothing Jewish in your homelife, not even the traditional remnants of Hannukkah or Passover, so why should he care?
    The Jews who are farthest removed from anything Jewish use antisemitism as a Billy club to batter people who have a much better love and appreciation of all things Jewish than they do.
    Btw, secular Jews have so distorted ‘Tikkun Olam’. They think it means doing everything for the outsider, not really, it’s about making your own community – ie the Jewish one a better place.
    Trying to make global warming and multicultrism a Jewish value is wrong.

  9. Marguerite says

    BW et all:  If it makes you feel any better, long-time members of Protestant demonimations are leaving their churches by the millions due to the diluting and politicalization of religious beliefs. Everything has become political – from what you eat, where you buy your groceries, and what you carry your groceries out of the store in – to putting clean clothes over the filthy rags of antisemite Soros.  Jesus had a phrase for that act: white-washing a sepulcher. 

  10. SADIE says

    Danny, thanks for the summary. The history of the Jews in America is broken down into  waves among the Sephardic, German and Ashkenazi. I won’t overload you with too much reading material. Each wave came from a distinctly different part of the world with its own history and culture.
    Thomas Jefferson thought Jews needed more secular learning so that “they will become equal object of respect and favor,” implying that without such learning they could not expect to be respected. Writes Arthur Hertzberg in The Jews in America (p. 87):

    “Jefferson was thus expressing the view of the mainstream of the Enlightenment, that all men could attain equal place in society, but the ‘entrance fee’ was that they should adopt the ways and the outlook of the ‘enlightened.’ Jefferson did not consider that a Yiddish-speaking Jew who knew the Talmud was equal in usefulness to society with a classically trained thinker like himself.”

    This idea that there was freedom for you in America as long as you were not “too Jewish,” kept most Jews away. Until 1820, the Jewish population of America was only about 6,000.

  11. suek says

    >>the font for posting in always ’8′>>
    I must say…I depend on the squiggly underline to help me out.  A squiggle line means right click, and then maybe correct or maybe just click on the “do it yourself” option!
    Today, I’m not only getting the 8 font, but a pale gray print instead of black – which it usually it.  I think it’s a conspiracy and someone is working against us, Sadie!

  12. SADIE says

    suek..I thought it was just me behind the ‘8’ ball font ;
    If I am watching TV while typing, it’s even worse, since my computer specs are just for reading and the TV screen is a big blur.

  13. says

    Most browsers have a zoom in function, particularly the netscape family. Ctrl + Numpad+ should increase the magnification. IE works a bit differently, it has font increase and zoom increase. The zoom increase is the one that’ll make all the fonts and stuff here bgger.

  14. says

    More importantly, Book, I want you to consider that Mr. Book has simply found a new coping mechanism.

    You see, he was stressed out by Republicans, Fox News, and Glenn Beck way before he ever found out about anti-semitism. But now that he has a new trick, he can tell himself that he has “grown’ and become more “informed”.
    Maybe Mr. Book will listen to the advice of people like MY in time. But it will take a lot of courage to transform himself, with the first step being the hardest, to truly know himself for what he is, not simply for what he wishes to be.


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