Acknowledging REAL heroes

One of the things I hate about our culture is the way in which it cheapens the notion of heroism.  To me, a hero is one who puts his safety, or even his life, on the line, to protect others.  It’s that simple.  There are people who are altruists, which is also very virtuous, but it’s not the same as a hero.  Being a hero involves, not just moral, but also physical courage.  Yet in our culture, every two bit movie star or bouncy athlete is hailed as a “hero.”

Within 50 miles of my home, two men were real heroes, because they intercepted a psycho who was in the process of raping a 2 year old.  It’s an absolutely horrible story, and raises several important questions about our society, both its rewards and its punishments.  Zombie retells the story and asks the questions.