Blind intelligence

Has the U.S. ever been so clueless as  it is today with respect to events going on in Egypt?

CIA Director Panetta just admitted that he gets his information on Egyptian events from the media, rather than from his own agency. National Intelligence Director Jim Clapper, meanwhile, pontificates about how the Muslim Brotherhood is a largely secular organization, only to be immediately followed by the rapid back-pedaling of his minions.

So, is it fair to blame the CIA for these massive intelligence failures?

What we are seeing is the successful culmination of the witch hunts that have been directed against the CIA post 9/11 by the Democrat Left and their fellow travelers. Remember AG Eric Holder’s crusade to prosecute CIA personnel when the Obama administration came to power?

Were I in the CIA today, I expect that I would be doing everything that I could to take no risks, make no decisions, and effectively do…nothing! And that’s what we have got for national intelligence…a blind nothing.

No, I don’t blame the CIA or any other intelligence agency for these intelligence failures.

Feel safer now?

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    Blind intelligence got a running start with blind ambition. The horrific events of Ft. Hood and the terrorist, Nadal Hasan, certainly was the result of waving a white flag from top to bottom.

  • Scott in SF

    As far as I can tell the CIA has always appeared incompetent.  Really, since the beginning.  Maybe recruiting boy scouts and Mormons isn’t the best way to achieve competence?  On the other hand, if I were to be hired by the CIA to solve the problem (not that i have that skill set but just imagine) after fixing things, I would still want the CIA to be perceived as incompetent by our enemies!  It makes it more likely that our enemies will drop their guard.

  • Ymarsakar

    CIA suffers from a lot of problems relating to government bureaucracy. A no risk, cover your arse, SOP. Weak kneed political directors, Presidents, or Congresscritters. Group think. Turf wars. Things like that. Not figuring out that a “AQ” defector is in fact a double agent.

  • Danny Lemieux

    In fairness, Scott in SF, we hardly ever hear about the CIA’s successes. The lightening assault on the Taliban immediately following 9/11 was a CIA-managed affair. It was hugely successful.

  • Ymarsakar

    Danny, it was led by a case officer working with Special Forces A teams. I think he was actually retired, then came back, then now retired. It was surely not led by bench warmers in the capital.
    Of course, they can’t deploy guys like that any more. Cause they left. Or Obama’s “new laws and regulations” restrict their operation parameters. Which means more leave. And is replaced by… whom? Obama’s SEIU thugs perhaps? lol.

  • Ymarsakar

    By case, I mean he worked in the actual field.