Islam and rape

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Andy McCarthy writes about the elephant in the liberal living room; namely, Islamic attitudes towards rape:  Women are almost always asking for it, especially Western women, and, once having forced an innocent man to give in to his base animal nature, they deserve to be beaten, arguably to death.

That analysis, of course, must get paired with CBS’s muted and delayed reporting of the horrific rape that its reporter, Lara Logan, suffered at the hands of an Islamic mob.  CBS tries to spin it as a normal tale of a mob that’s gotten out of control, but people paying attention to the Islamic world understand that, while Western mobs attack cars and shops, Islamic mobs attack women.

I’ve mentioned before, and I’ll repeat again, that one of the smartest people I know believes that, boiled down to its essence, Islamic hostility towards the West revolves around women.  One of Islam’s primary goals is the total subjugation of its women, turning them into slaves who must provide sex on demand to their owners.  The Western world, even in its most repressive eras, provided more freedom — and respect — for women.  The one thing Islam cannot risk is for its women to gain equality.

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  • jj

    This’ll be unpopular!  These were discussions we had decades ago.
    I hate to be a (fill in the blank) here, but yet again the world reminds us that it isn’t as “enlightened” – or whatever that is – as we’d like to think we are.
    When Jimmy Carter sent his wife to South America as an envoy, oddly enough nothing was accomplished.  In fact much of South America laughed at her.  Why?  Because South America is the land of macho, and they weren’t – and aren’t – going to take a woman especially seriously.  And, when they see one coming from our direction, they simply see it as a further indication of our degeneration to something to which not much attention should be paid.  Rosalyn Carter accomplished nothing, except to provide much of South America with a good laugh.
    When Clinton hired Madeline Not-so-Bright as Secretary of State, the US immediately lost credibility with two-thirds of the world.  As with South America – outside of ourselves and western Europe they do not take females seriously.
    Hillary Clinton is – along withe being a dope, such as events like the Russian “re-set” button establish – equally not taken seriously in places like the Arab world, the far east, and the southern hemisphere.  Even though the liberals think she is the smartest woman in the world there is nothing she can do about this, because she is referred to as “she.”
    And of course when any of these “news” outfits, CBS or anybody else, sends a female reporter into the middle of a riot of macho-men, the result is inevitable, eminently predictable, and makes no more sense than trying to stand off a bear with a can opener.
    We put female helicopter pilots into action in the Gulf War, and then when one crashes, is captured, and gets roundly raped, we are surprised and disappointed.
    What we really are is stupid.  And, perhaps we are also led around by our hopeful noses on the horns of our own political correctness.  I hate to now be an even worse (fill in the blank), but I’m afraid that it is – or damned well ought to be – plainly apparent that despite our idiot hopefulness and witless expectation, there are simply places in this sad old world where women do not belong.  Madeline Allbright and Hillary Clinton are clots on the international stage because (A) Madeline Allbright and Hillary Clinton are in fact clots; and (B) because far too much of the international stagehands laugh at the idea of seriously listening to women.  If we don’t want our helicopter pilots or our reporterettes raped, then they stay the hell home and we send men.
    Is that right?  No, it isn’t.  Nor is it fair.  To our way of thinking. It is, however, the way the world is. The world does not think our way in many things – and this is one of them.   And if we want to start dealing in the real world then we need to send fairly trough guys out to talk to China, the Saudis, Kim  or whoever’s next going to be running North Korea, and all the rest of the rabble.  We need to deal with what is – not with what we wish was.
    And girls don’t walk into the middle of Muslim riots.


    Women need not apply:
    Egypt’s new ruling military council has appointed an Islamist judge to head the committee drawing up a new constitution, angering some of those who argued last week’s revolution would deliver the country to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Bookworm

    You’re absolutely correct, jj.

  • Danny Lemieux

    When I lived overseas, I never ceased to be amazed at how often my fellow countrymen and women seemed unable to comprehend that other people could look at the world very different than they did. There was an incredible naive need to believe that everybody in the world “thinks just like us”. They just wear funny clothes and don’t speak English very well. I suspect that for many Americans, the idea that other cultures (read “Islam”) can brutalize women and children the way they do is simply incomprehensible. I am sure that that CBS reporter that just got raped had reasoned to herself that she could reason herself out of any situation because, hey, all people are reasonable…right? I hate to say it, but I suspect Daniel Pearl had the same problem.
    I recall a high school girl badgering a Czechoslovakian on the street for not protesting against communism, right on the street within earshot of potential plainclothes police. It was embarrassing as all get out. I recall another instance when, with friends in the heart of Mexico, my friends seemed to go into shock when confronted with really, really destitute beggars…i.e., not the well-fed panhandlers we are used to.
    I am sure that other Bookworm-aficionado expats like Gringo have their own stories to tell.

  • Ymarsakar

    I came across something interesting.
    Those who mentioned an interest in the Arabic conquest of Persia should read this.

    It’s one thing to know about it in the abstract. It’s quite another to know the individuals and the specifics involved.

    And remember. Islam says they are GOOD for you. They think they are SUPERIOR to the local culture. Take a look at what happens in reality.

  • Ymarsakar

    There are conflicting reports concerning whether it was a rape or not.
    Beaten, yes. If she was separated for 20 minutes, she’d have gotten stomped on.
    Victory celebrations in the Arab world means violence and sex. Since one form of violence in the ME is sex. When ever there is a large group of people and tensions are running high, expect trouble. It’s about energy and atmosphere. Not Leftist ideological claptraps. It’s about reading people, not reading a book that says how people should act. When people are too excited for their own good, don’t expect peaceful behavior.
    I will need the medical examiner’s report from her stay in the hospital to know what really happened.
    On another point, I believe women can be trained to protect themselves. It’s a bit difficult if they are alone, but not impossible or even improbable.
    Never become separated from your security detail. If you do get separated, you had better either have the capability to deal with any threats to yourself, by yourself, or you need enough firepower to deter would be attackers. This is not functionally different for men than women.

  • Ymarsakar
    It seems that they are heading into your territory, Martel and Book, in another 2 days.
    I personally recommend, if you can, attending the class. The price is very small compared to what you will gain. I do not speak from personally attending it, I speak from the quality of experience and instruction by the people in it. From my assessment, they know what they are doing.
    Got this from Scott’s north star blog while doing research on women’s self defense (again).
    Btw, don’t let the place, Oakland, make you think twice. It’s for atmosphere. They’ll have security right on the dot, be assured. In fact, most of Oakland is less potentially dangerous than some of the individuals teaching you. Oh, forget I said that ; )

  • Charles Martel

    Ymar, point well taken about Oakland. For the most part, it is one of the loveliest cities in America. There are certain Democrat-controlled cesspool neighborhoods there that I’d advise you to avoid, but that holds true almost everywhere in this country.

  • MacG

    And now we have this squashed report about some adherants of the Religion of Peace to give credit where credit is due some Egyptian women (presumably adherants of the Religion of Peace as well)and the Egyptian Army stepped in.

    Larua Logan

    Sad day indeed.

  • MacG

    I really should read the whole topic rather than skimming…where is that self delete button…


    When you find the button, please send it to the RoP, Happy to pay the postage ;

  • Ymarsakar

    Martel, Oh i’m including the cesspools as well in that comment.
    Chiron training, origin point Rory Miller/Marc MacYoung, likes choosing “seedy” places to start their training on. Bypasses the usual “civilization” idea most people have for “fighting”.
    I wish the women in the US Army could get this quality training. All they get is weekly powerpoint lectures last I heard. Unfortunate given the crime incidents.


    Dhimmiocracy TM (can I trade TM a word?). Once the soldiers of allah have destroyed any scent of freedom and have eliminated the remaining pesky Jews, Christians, Coptic Christians, Ba’hais – they will soon return on doing what they have always done – turn on one another to see who can be more pious pus!
    Villagers in the bush leave fires burning to deter lions,  wild animals that have been imported to zoos are kept caged and household dogs are to be leashed when outside.

  • Charles

    “And girls don’t walk into the middle of Muslim riots.”

    Amen, JJ, Amen.  I think the US needs to wake up to this fact: that women are NOT seen as equal to men in most of the world.  While it can be useful to emphasize that we think they are/should be, it can be a dangerous thing to assume that others will think like we do.

    It can especially be dangerous for the women who think that they can go anywhere or do anything a man can just because the Western world allows them the same equality as men.

    And you do not need to go outside the US to see this – several years ago women were assaulted in New York during the Puerto Rican Day parade. What the hell kind of a mother raises her sons to be that way?  I wish I knew the answer.

    Danny:  “I am sure that that CBS reporter that just got raped had reasoned to herself that she could reason herself out of any situation because, hey, all people are reasonable…right? I hate to say it, but I suspect Daniel Pearl had the same problem.”

    Yes, I could tell several stories of Americans who thought the same way and were surprised that things didn’t work out the way they expected.  Fortunately, none of my stories end in death or even violence where someone got seriously injured.  But I know several women who did get harassed because, as you say, they thought they could be reasonable and others would be reasonable too. When the reality is that “reasonablemness” should tell you to not be there in the first place.

    Lastly, there have been recent reports that the Peace Corps has had a problem with covering up rapes of several of its volunteers over the years.  I think these rapes were more of the same mindset – women can go anywhere it would be safe to send a man.  And we can see the result of such ignorance.

  • Ymarsakar

    There is a particularly good reason that people should be reasonable in the world towards Americans. Because if they aren’t reasonable, some people are liable to put the unreasonable perps into the ground, six feet under.

  • Charles Martel

    Forty years ago one of my best friends and traveling companions was a girl named Maggie. We used to hitchhike together up and down California, and when I wasn’t around to accompany her, she’d often take off on her own. Sometimes she’d hop trains just to see where she might end up.

    We used to call her “True Grit” because of her resolution and the risks she was willing to take. (Even though she was far from being a Puritan, she also reminded us a lot of the Kim Darby character in the original version of “True Grit.”)

    Still, Maggie was a girl. Her guy friends asked her once why she ran the risk of being raped or worse on one of her solo ventures. That’s when she revealed that she always wore two shirts and two pairs of pants, a corset and heavy-duty boots with an 8-inch knife sheathed in one whenever she took off solo. She acknowledged that she couldn’t entirely fend off danger, but she could make it hellaciously hard for somebody to assault her.

    My point is that even a hardass like Maggie knew that if you takes your chances, you can’t be surprised if you sometimes lose the wager. Unless, of course, you’re a clueless dolt member of the Western media.

    (This is not to pooh-pooh what Lara Logan went through. My Maggie did not have to make her way through a landscape populated by emasculated, women-hating boy-men.)

  • Ymarsakar
    I wrote a post before concerning how people should assess their risk potential when making decisions.
    Basically, you take the risk, you deal with the consequences. If you want to go anywhere, at any time, and talk to anyone, then you need to back that up with power and ability, preferably firepower.  It also helps if you are capable of killing humans with your bare hands. Not the most efficient method of human serial killing, but nobody can detect it before you use it, unlike a knife or a gun. Doesn’t require being disarmed when going through metal detectors either.
    “Rights” are often thought of by Americans as “good things that somebody else pays for”. No, in actuality, rights are only yours if you can secure those rights. They don’t usually exist otherwise. And certainly not because the government promised to “secure” them for you. That’s like the social security lockbox. YOu depend upon it at your own risk.

  • Tonestaple

    Don’t you all know that women’s lot has been hugely improved by Islam?  Arabs don’t automatically kill their baby girls any more.  Women are allowed to own property.  And hijab ensures that women will be treated with dignity, not treated like sex objects.

    jj could not possible be more right.  There are places women just can’t go.  It’s got nothing to do with women; it has everything to do with the occupants of faraway places.

    This reminds me of a conversation I heard on the radio quite a ways back.  I think it was the Hugh Hewitt show.  The topic was assigning women to submarine crews.  Hugh was pointing out why it was a really bad idea:  extremely close quarters, little to no privacy, and men are men.  One girl called in and said they had to let women serve on submarines in the name of justice and if men couldn’t handle it, they should just evolve.  That was her word:  men should just evolve.  I’d like to have this silly girl explain this evolution to the animals that raped Lara Logan.