Aside from trendiness, there’s something wrong here

I’m with Sadie, that there’s something deeply off-putting about Obama casually applying the ancient Passover story to the uprisings in the Middle East:

Passover recalls the bondage and suffering of Jews in Egypt and the miracle of the Exodus, but U.S. President Barack Obama says its message is reflected in Muslim uprisings.

In his annual message, prior to his third straight participation in the Passover Seder, President Obama stated, “The story of Passover…instructs each generation to remember its past, while appreciating the beauty of freedom and the responsibility it entails. This year that ancient instruction is reflected in the daily headlines as we see modern stories of social transformation and liberation unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Aside from the superficiality of Obama’s message, it has two other problems.  First, typically for a Progressive, he fails to understand revolts that are keyed to a people’s freedom versus revolts that simply raise up a new oppressor.

In America, because of the American Revolution, our template is that revolutions bring about greater freedom.  However, as France, Russia, China, Cuba, etc., show, our revolution was not typical.  As often as not, a “revolution” simply brings about an equal or greater tyranny.  It remains to be seen, for example, whether Egypt results in greater freedom for the people (since Mubarak was very oppressive) or lesser freedom (since there is nothing more repressive than an Islamic regime).  At least Mubarak was dormant when it came to waging war against Israel and America.

Libya sees exactly the same problem. Gaddafi is a monster but, vis a vis America, he has been a benign monster since 2003.  Now, though, we’re cheerfully spending millions of dollars a day (dollars we don’t have) to overthrow Gaddafi so that al Qaeda can take his place.  Al Qaeda, which is killing our troops in Afghanistan, will not improve the Libyan people’s lot (because radical Islam is always oppressive government), but it will put America at greater risk.

In Iran, I supported the Green Revolution because it was good for America:  anything that rocked the current Islamic government had to improve the status quo as far as Americans were concerned.  It was, frankly, questionable whether the Iranian people would simply be trading the frying pan for the fire.  While I applauded their courage, I had my doubts about their freedom quota.

Not all uprisings are created equal.  That’s problem number one with Obama’s facile little analysis.

Problem number two is that there’s something horrible about quoting one of the greatest stories in Jewish history, a story that has been retold annually in Jewish homes for thousands of years, to justify revolutions that will put into power people who have as their primary goal . . . killing Jews.  That’s just wrong.  Deeply, deeply, classlessly, tactlessly wrong.

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  • Tom Moeller

    God liberated the Israelites with his signs of power over pharaoh.
    Just where did the Israelites rebel/revolt?
    When they were hiding from God’s wrath against pharaoh as instructed?
    When they gathered all their possessions and skedaddled as God instructed?
    The Passover is liberation not revolution.  The Straw man has no brain.

  • Ymarsakar

    While I applauded their courage, I had my doubts about their freedom quota.

    Obama didn’t support it. So you knew the marches in Iran were the real deal.
    See how it easy it is to discern reality just by picking up on consistent behavior.

  • Charles Martel

    I think Obama, being amoral, is confused. On one hand, his sympathies lie with dictators—his bows to them and refusal to call them out prove that. On the other hand, Muslims are inherently good, misunderstood people to whom America owes respect and apologies.

    So what’s an amoralist to do when (Muslim) bad guy whom he secretly admires oppresses (Muslim) good guys whom he just knows, darn it, are on the side of light?

    I propose yet another title for Obama: CDOTUS—Chief Ditherer of the United States.

  • jj

    There’s no question that Obama is immoral, but at this point I’m also beginning to discern a bunch of pathology at work.  Trump has forced the silly bastard squarely back on his heels – see how easy it was, republicans? – and he isn’t going away, and he doesn’t give a rodent’s rectum if Meredith Viera or Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer get it or not: they are not going to be able to laugh at or denigrate him for having the nerve to ask the questions.  And he’s not going away.
    Trump is single-handedly setting to work to unravel Obama’s carefully constructed life narrative, and Obama hasn’t a clue what to do about it.  Trump is about as easily intimidated as a charging rhinoceros, he isn’t going to stop, and it’s perfectly obvious to him that he’s asking questions for which there are no answers forthcoming from the white house.  he’s on a roll and he knows it.  So now up pops credible evidence that Obama has some social security number problems, too – and less credible (though you know if it were presented about a republican it would damned well be being scrutinized by the media) evidence that would seem to indicate the guy has several social security numbers – something for which they place bars between your eyeballs and their view of the world.
    And he’s hiding.  His last speech was practically incoherent, and the disconnect between what he says and what he does is now complete: today he babbles to a bunch of students about how the deficits will damage the economy even as he proposes no cuts, and further spending.  The right hand is now officially clueless about what the left hand is doing, and the brain is no longer phoning home.  Even Bill Ayers has finally been assailed one time too many about the books, and two weeks ago just said: “Yes!  Okay?  Yes – I wrote the goddam thing!”  He immediately tried to turn it into a joke and back away from the words that had just dropped out of his pie-hole – but he said it.
    And I think little Barry is headed the same way.  He’s hiding out now, walling himself off behind a barricade of his own BS – and when you start believing your own propaganda, there is no hope for you, and you’re in trouble.  He shows all the signs of being in great trouble as his carefully constructed personal history unravels.  Trump may well go down in history as a new type of assassin – we’re seeing a psychological assassination.

  • Charles Martel

    But what happens as Obama unravels? We’ve speculated on this board before about that. If it’s a total meltdown, he could start some serious trouble before giving way to Egghead Biden.

    Even if he is neutralized by the very nasty pieces of work who surround him, they will do what they need to do to continue to rush this country toward destruction.

    For me the question is whether intelligent Democrats want him to melt down sooner rather than later. If he self-destructs enough in advance of 2012, the Dems will have sufficient time to find a handsome new patsy, hook him up to the mass media, and pray that a sufficient number of Americans is stupid enough to hand the White House over to the next Chance Gardner.


    In the Passover narrative, the Haggadah, there is the phrase, “In every generation, they rise up against us to annihilate us.”
    A modern narrative to the Haggadah would broaden to include: Christians,  Buddhists and the non-believing kuffirs of progressive politics. The adage, “A fool and his money are soon parted” only scratches the surface.  A fool and his money, country, head and body are soon parted.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Charles M: “But what happens as Obama unravels?”

    We are seeing this happen more and more frequently. Here another clip of an Obama meltdown:

  • Cheesestick

    Lol at the donkey clip:-)

  • Ymarsakar

    ear splitting sound.