It’s my turn. She’s a racist 😉

  • Charles Martel

    You’d think that the woman, being a liberal, and therefore incredibly intelligent, would have understood that for a few moments the cop had total control and that the smart thing to do would have been to let him do his thing and not goad him into arresting her.

    You’d think. But, then, I’m a conservative knucklewalker, so what would I know?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Don’t stick that thing in your mouth when it is full.

    Mart, they want to be arrested. It is their day in the sun, after they crawl out of their hole. Like a certain somebody with the letter Z for a partial name.

    This is the guy that put a gun to an insurgent’s head and fired it, knowing full well the consequences either way. The kind of stresses that can break a person in combat, West has seen and overcome. The kind of moral stresses that can break a man when he is out of combat, West has seen and overcome.

    The Left are playing a low man’s insurgency game when West has seen real insurgents with real guns.

    West calmly stood and waited for a break so he could place a precise blow in. Such is strategy and not allowing the enemy to control the battle space.

    Their existence consists of nothing other than self-justifications for their selfish and decadent behavior. The sum total of their existence is to harass and to raid the wealth of others. They cannot be satisfied any other way.

    I’ve seen plenty of them in jails and courts. Always with their self-justification. “I didn’t do it’. “They deserved it”. “I’m right”.

  • 11B40


    My dear departed father used to have an interesting comment that he used when one of my associates went beyond his pale.  “The next time you see your parents,” he would say, “tell them i said that they still have some work to do.”

  • MacG

    11B40, LOVE IT!  May I use it? :)

  • MacG

    Fruit of their labor.  Because of previous violent leftist demonstrations the police have to be trained to prevent an escalating resisting arrest by nipping it in the bud.  The guy with her was smart enough to step away – but just barely.
    Her protestation that this was a town hall meeting that is supposed to have give and take ignores that fact that her interruptions were not during the Q/A session.  Pedantic children get sent to their rooms, it seems so do pedantic adults.

  • MacG

    A little D/A here though What is Bullets for Ballots or whatever that guy was shouting?

  • MacG

    It’s my turn. She’s a racist ”
    She can’t be.  He’s a Republican. :)


    Of course you’re correct – she’s a rassist :)

  • Tonestaple

    When I searched on “‘ballots and bullets’ Congressman Allan West” I got this:  http://www.crowleypoliticalreport.com/2010/11/allen-west-chief-of-staff-if-ballots-dont-work-bullets-will.html

    This all had to do with West picking someone named Joyce Kaufman, a talk radio host, as his chief of staff.  This later didn’t happen, perhaps just a few days after the initial announcement.  Anyway, Kaufman gave a speech at a Tea Party rally July 4, 2010 in which she read part of the Declaration of Independence which says that the people have the right to alter or abolish an unresponsive form of government.  Then later, recapping that, she said that the founders gave us two ways to change our government:  ballots and bullets.  And then further along, she did some ranting about taking to the hills.  It’s a bit hot-headed but she wasn’t threatening anyone so 99% of the hooraw over it is your usual HuffPo excitability.
    So presumably, the people who were screeching about “ballots and bullets” were asking about this episode.
    Just another tempest in a Tea Party.  (Sorry, Sadie – it’s your turf but there was no way I was going to go without saying that.)

  • MacG

    SadieOf course you’re correct – she’s a rassist”

    What kind of cyst? :)

  • MacG

    Thanks for the er assist.  I had googled but left out Allen West and got a ton of hits but the first page did not have Allen West in it so color me impatient :).
    Interesting story there.  Now I’ll be more informed.  It looks like he picked her sometime after she made these comments.  He found out about it nad decided to not take her anyway is that about right?
    West ought to have asked the ‘gentleman’ what about the Black Panthers Batons before Ballots policy.

  • binadaat

    the heckler is Nicole Sandler. She’s a liberal radio host in Florida.  she’s asking for financial help to cover her court costs.
    On sandler’s facebook page: A friend of her’s claims Sandler was maced.
    She was held for 17 hrs by the police until she made bail.  this is being portrayed as excessive and deliberate.
    She doesn’t seem to hold with the idea that the police are an authority you have to respect, even when you are upset.
    She claims she was only trying to ask a question.
    The vitriol towards Rep. West pouring out of the comments sections on websites offering her sympathy and support  is frightening. It was what he was talking about when they began to heckle him, wasn’t it? threatening conservatives.
    Crazy people.  Good thing they won’t carry guns.
    speaking of which, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords flew to Florida to watch her husband’s launch.

  • suek

    Repeating a link:


    Looks like they’ve started…

    I’m not sure their methods are going to be successful, though. It looks like their goal is disruption rather than challenging positions.

  • Tonestaple

    suek, isn’t it always?