The fraudulent health care metric underlying Obama Care

ObamaCare represents an effort to bring America in line with European and other socialized health care systems.  The sales pitch is now, and has always been, that “studies” show that the other, socialized, systems are “better” than the American system.  The crown jewel of these “studies” is a 2000 World Health Organization analysis ranking systems.  Intuitively, I knew it was wrong.  I’ve lived in a socialized medicine country and I have family and friends who also live under such systems.  The systems offer the bare minimum to everyone.  They fiddle with their infant mortality statistics.  If people have the money, they come to America for treatment.

In the recent edition of Commentary Magazine, Scott Atlas actually looks at that World Health Organization study and discovers precisely why these horrible systems got such high rankings:  WHO’s people weren’t interested in medical outcomes, they were only interested in the number of people who had access to something very loosely called “medical care.”  You have to read the article, which is now available for free.  If you read nothing else today, this week or even this year, read this article — and then send it to everyone you know, twice.