Only in SF is JROTC a “controversial” program

The news is good, at least for the time being, but I was rather amazed to learn that JROTC, which has been around since before WWI, all over America, is “controversial”:

The San Francisco school board gave the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps yet another vote of confidence Tuesday, ensuring that the controversial military leadership program will stick around for at least another two years in seven district high schools.

The board decided in a 5-to 2 vote to let JROTC students continue to earn required physical education credits through independent study, a decision that ensures the military program can maintain enrollment numbers.

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  • Charles Martel

    As well as cheap grace from phony pacifism, there’s also a strong undercurrent of racism in the opposition to JROTC. Most of the kids who enter the program are minorities who see JROTC as a haven of discipline, order, and self-mastery in a world where their neighborhoods and schools are chaotic and dysfunctional places.

    The left’s dilemma is that while it believes all people are simply cogs in a group–said group determined by skin color, language, or where one applies one’s genitals—these youngsters will come to see themselves as cogs in a politically incorrect group. Not only does the military make icky war on non-white people, it abolishes the sacred identifiers of race and culture, the true paths to progress. Kids of different colors and backgrounds begin to acquire an imperialist false consciousness: The Mexican no longer stews in anger over Hernan Cortes, and the black kid no longer is angry at the pimply-faced 16-year-old white girl in the next row for having enslaved him.


    isn’t the use of ‘controversial’ an accepted prefix in certain circles when linked to the military.
    think ‘unexpected’ followed by rise in unemployment.

  • MacG

    It is controversial because SF has purged itself of nearly everything else that’s active military.  It would not suprise me if one of the reasons they delayed so long on doyle drive it that now you can see the military graves of the fallen.

  • Charles Martel

    What’s ironic about San Francisco’s head-in-the-sand attitude about the military is that it has the manliest motto of any city in the country:

    Oro en paz, fierro en guerra

    Gold in peace; in war, iron

  • jj

    Yeah… The Junior Officer’s Training Corps just lives for approval from anything – or anybody –  in or near San Francisco.  I can just see themnow, passing around cigars: “whew!  Got ‘yet another’ vote of confidence from the San Francisco school board.  Boy-o-boy, are we livin’ large or what?”

  • Ymarsakar

    Martel, they’re jealous of their numbers. They want to put those blacks and minorities back where they belong. In the ghettoes to be “community organized” by the likes of Obama.