1. jj says

    There is just about no part of Lady Ga-ga I can stomach – but I did discover one thing.  When it’s just her sitting at the piano, this dark-haired little kid Stefani Germanotti is capable of nice stuff.  She’ll never be seen again, of course, but she had promise.

  2. BrianE says

    I remember reading she resented the studio not using her voice.

    Things certainly changed by the time of Yul Brenner in ‘The King and I’ or Rex Harrison in ‘My Fair Lady’– and more recently Pierce Bronson in ‘Mamma Mia’. That may be the effect of popular music devolving into the trash that passes for music today, or it may be the James Stewart syndrome– men were judged by different standards than women.

    Wow, I think that’s the exact same phrase my parents used about the music I listened to in the 60’s!

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