Wake me when this national nightmare is over

I’m having writer’s block.  Usually, on Fridays, I get hugely inspired, and write these long, meaningful posts, right before the weekend when nobody’s reading political blogs.  Instead of inspiration, though, I’m staring at my monitor, trapped in the Obama nightmare.  Thanks to his preference for totalitarianism at home and abroad, I’ve learned today that:

Hillary (!) is the most popular politician in the world.  (Has no one been paying attention to the way she stumbles from one foreign policy crisis to another?)

The Palestinians, whom Obama coddled for more than two years, are going to the UN to demand nationhood, something they know they won’t receive, but they see as a necessary precursor to launch a Third Intifadah that will have all the hallmarks of an actual war (including long-range rockets).

Obama is simultaneously so radical and ineffectual, his own people couldn’t and wouldn’t carry out his directives.

The West Wing is a hate-filled cesspool, with staffers actually missing Rahm.

Rep. Henry Waxman proves once again that the worst antisemite is always a self-loathing Jew.  This time, he’s promoting the canard that Jews have no morality other than wealth seeking.

Packs of minorities keep attacking white people, which I have to admit, as a very pale white person, makes me somewhat nervous.

New York’s taxis are now going to be sharia-compliant.

Al Gore is an idiot.  (Oh, wait!  Sorry, but that’s old news.)

Toe-suckers, clearly the new zombies, are rampant in Arkansas.  (Next thing you know, we’ll have human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

And Hollywood continues to grind out anti-American offal.

Bleh!  Today is a hard day to try counting my blessings, and it’s that blessing counting that normally keeps my engine revved.

Do you have anything to add to the list or, conversely, something to lift the malaise?


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  • jj

    Masybe I’m odd, but it’s difficult not to be amused by most of this stuff.
    A large part – maybe 90% – of Hillary’s current appeal is that she’s not him.  Left to her own devices she’s not very bright – I think Bill was astounded at what a rotten campaigner/politician she turned out to be – and she’s not going anywhere.  If she tried to run, her splendid job as Secretary of State would be up for review, and – as her record is indefensible – she wouldn’t be able to defend it.  She’s a lousy politician.
    The Palestinians are always demanding something, and they won’t get it now, either.  A 3rd Intifada was inevitable anyway, and so is a 4th, and a 5t.  You know, they don’t require an excuse.  Israel will handle it, and when Obama blows away they’ll have substantive help.
    If it’s true that Obama’s being undermined or hedged by his more seasoned advisers (that would be everybody else in the room), it’s kind of hard to see that as a bad thing.
    Same for the West Wing.  If they all kill each other over there – who cares?  If they’re ineffective, it’s hard to see that as a bad thing, either.  If they were actually organized, and any good at what they’re trying to do, that would be bad.  If Obama’s isolated, that just leaves him standing out there on his own, stupidity shining through for all to see.  Maybe the committed democrats will finally begin to get it, I’m fine with that.
    Waxman.  Old Noseface.  He’s a fairly stupid little fellow, but apparently that’s normative for a California congressthing.  If he actually thinks that the Jewish vote is trending toward the republicans because they don’t understand Obama’s Middle East policy, well – I have no problem with that.  If he wants to be that goddam dumb – fine.  When your opponents are spotting themselves in the head – let them.  Everybody’s allowed to find their own path to irrelevance, and if he wants to be an ass in public, I have no objection.  It won’t matter to his constituents, but then they don’t matter to the rest of us, so we just make sure we have a republican majority for the foreseeable future, and it’ll work out.  He and the Bird-brain of Alcatraz evidently have the job for life, so we just work around them.
    I don’t know what’s up with the recent black mobs, but when in the city we’re armed.  I think – despite being overwhelmingly idiot liberal –  half the people in Seattle probably are, so at least it’s a fair-ish fight.  It’s unfortunate that this might be necessary in this country, but if that’s the way the wind’s going to blow, get yourself a sail.
    The ads on top of cabs in NYC pretty much offend everybody, not just Muslims.  There are probably just as many old Italian or Jewish or black cabbies who resent having to ride around with Miss Gazoo prominently displayed above their heads.  Now they have the right to tell the medallion owners “no.”  (I sort of thought they always did, in fact.  I didn’t know medallion owners could compel cab owner/drivers what they had to have on their cars.  Fleet cars – okay; their own cars?  Come on.)  This will come down to economics, not sharia, and ultimately resolve itself.  The medallion system in New York is beyond Byzantine anyway, so it’s tough to see this as a step in the direction of sharia.  Maybe a blow for reasonable taste.
    Gore’s irrelevant.
    Hollywood’s a business, as everybody who sees political motives under every rock forgets.  You want to change the orientation?  Don’t go.  I think the pendulum’s already begun to swing back the other way, because so many of the big-ticket screeds of the past few years have bombed.  There will always be those who have an agenda to push – but they have to get somebody to pay for it.  Just stay home a few times – they do notice.  It’s a business, and they’re very sensitive to current currents  It catches up.
    I don’t see this as end-of-the-world stuff.  A little disheartening – mostly that the American electorate was stupid enough to get us here in the first place – but current events aren’t set in stone, ether.  If – okay, it’s a big “if” – enough people get their heads out, this too shall pass, and Obama will vanish in the rear-view mirror. 


    If – okay, it’s a big “if” – enough people get their heads out, this too shall pass, and Obama will vanish in the rear-view mirror.
    In small print: Objects in rear view mirror appear larger than they are.

  • Caped Crusader

    Sing this 400 times while whirling around as a whirling Dervish. At the end your spirits will be lifted, you will be worn out, and will be so tired you will sleep well. And if you have a dog that is unhappy put this on endless loop while you are asleep.


    Tweets that put a smile on my face.   The script writes itself with margin notes from Rodney Dangerfield :)
    Hey #attackwatch, I saw 6 ATM’s in an alley, killing a Job. It looked like a hate crime!  
    Dear #attackwatch: Orwell’s 1984 was a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.
    Ordered some chicken wings – about half of them were right wings. Gotta go report fowl play.

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