Wake me when this national nightmare is over

I’m having writer’s block.  Usually, on Fridays, I get hugely inspired, and write these long, meaningful posts, right before the weekend when nobody’s reading political blogs.  Instead of inspiration, though, I’m staring at my monitor, trapped in the Obama nightmare.  Thanks to his preference for totalitarianism at home and abroad, I’ve learned today that:

Hillary (!) is the most popular politician in the world.  (Has no one been paying attention to the way she stumbles from one foreign policy crisis to another?)

The Palestinians, whom Obama coddled for more than two years, are going to the UN to demand nationhood, something they know they won’t receive, but they see as a necessary precursor to launch a Third Intifadah that will have all the hallmarks of an actual war (including long-range rockets).

Obama is simultaneously so radical and ineffectual, his own people couldn’t and wouldn’t carry out his directives.

The West Wing is a hate-filled cesspool, with staffers actually missing Rahm.

Rep. Henry Waxman proves once again that the worst antisemite is always a self-loathing Jew.  This time, he’s promoting the canard that Jews have no morality other than wealth seeking.

Packs of minorities keep attacking white people, which I have to admit, as a very pale white person, makes me somewhat nervous.

New York’s taxis are now going to be sharia-compliant.

Al Gore is an idiot.  (Oh, wait!  Sorry, but that’s old news.)

Toe-suckers, clearly the new zombies, are rampant in Arkansas.  (Next thing you know, we’ll have human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

And Hollywood continues to grind out anti-American offal.

Bleh!  Today is a hard day to try counting my blessings, and it’s that blessing counting that normally keeps my engine revved.

Do you have anything to add to the list or, conversely, something to lift the malaise?