Gilad Shalit returns home

Thin and pale, but Gilad Shalit is home at last.  To bring this beloved child (beloved of parents and of country) home, Israel released over a thousand Palestinian murderers and would-be murderers.  Many mourn that these killers are back on the streets, and rightly so.  I hope that Israel has drones hovering over them permanently, ready to erase their existence at the first sign they intend to engage again in violence against Israel.  (Netanyahu hints that something like this might be the case.)

In way, though, the exchange can also be viewed as a calculated insult against the Palestinians, but an insult the Palestinians willingly inflicted against themselves.  In the exchange rate, Jews have intrinsic to their own countrymen, while Palestinians do not.  If this was a financial exchange rate (comparing dollars to some other currency, for example), we’d instantly recognize that the other currency is virtually valueless.  The Palestinians’ countrymen love them only as cannon fodder.

It remains to be seen whether, in the long run, a country that values its citizens as individual human beings is going to do better than one that sees its citizens as nothing more than human bombs.  I will say that one of my Mom’s old friends (and I do mean old, as she’s 92), just returned from a trip to Israel.  She raved about how wonderful the country is:  low unemployment, solid infrastructure, happy citizens.  She didn’t even mention the two new Nobel science prize winners in her trip review!  I doubt that anyone going to the Palestinian territories can say that same, and that’s true despite the bazillions of dollars (and Euros and whatever else) that have been sent to those befouled neighborhoods.

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  • MacG

    The exchange rate was my first thought when I heard this headline on the news.  What I was thinking if the Palestinians want to be seen as equals they ought to exchange one for one.  OTOH they would never get so many Israeli prisoners so they would only get one of theirs released.  I am sure that they see themselves as great barganers especially in the light of your observation regarding hummucide bombers.  In their eyes it seems that they get to trade one ‘dud’ for 100 ‘live’ ones.  After all if you are willing to sell two for the price of one the one was overrated in the first place.  So maybe in their eyes Israel has acknowledged their lowly value at 1/100th of the Palestinians.  Must be the new math that they are teaching in school these days. :/

  • Charles Martel

    They say that Lenin used to joke that after communism triumphed worldwide, they would have to allow one capitalist state—probably Switzerland—to continue existing “So that we can know the real price of things.”

    The Palestinians, if they ever succeed in their monstrous aspiration to become Nazi Germany II, will need to keep at least one Jew around so they have somebody to blame for their bloodthirsty stupidity.

  • JKB

    …low unemployment, solid infrastructure, happy citizens.

     In a war zone.  We should never forget that Israel does all this surrounded by a murderous horde and where rockets red glare isn’t just a high note in a song.

    Here’s hoping there are many, many cooperating individuals in the mass of Palestinians released. 

  • kali

    I didn’t look too closely at who was traded for Shalit–I couldn’t stomach it–but I wonder if there’s anyone of any actual value– ie planners and money men and bomb makers–in it. I hope not, and I hope JKB is right that many deals were struck in that Israeli prison.

  • Ymarsakar

    I would have just decided to execute 10 Palestinian prisoner per month until Gilad was back. And if Gilad was harmed, 3000 would die in return.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Israelis are right. 500-1000 Palestinians are not worth Gilad’s life in trade, they believe. They decided to make such a bargain with the devil based upon that belief. I believe in the same value worth differential, but I would have chosen otherwise. 3000 Palestinian lives sounds about the right number to me.

  • phillips1938

    Great blog.  Thanks.  You would love a trip to Israel many times more than to a decrepit old and dying Europe.

  • Mike Devx

    The proper exchange rate is between 2,511 and 4,643 Palestinians per Israeli, and it fluctuates daily, depending on whatever outrage Hamas or Abbas’ PLO perpetrates on any given day.

    The exchange rate will change dramatically once a Palestinian wins a real Nobel Prize (“real” meaning, “not including the Nobel Peace Prize”.)    It will even change significantly once a Palestinian contributes something, anything, of benefit to the World.

    Or perhaps it will change when the rest of the (liberal) world decides to hold them to account for their actions, instead of treating them as if they were children who are incapable of maturity and adulthood. 

  • Charles Martel

    A poker game in Gaza:

    Israeli to his Palestinian opponent: “Nu?”

    Palestinian: “Uh, I’ll raise you 1,000 baby killers.”

    Israeli: “I’ll see your baby killers (shoves a Tel Aviv Sbarro busboy chip into the pile) and raise you one Gilad Shalit.”

    Palestinian: “Stinking Joo! Are you trying to humilate me? There are not enough poker chips in all of the Levant to match your Shalit. I fold!” (Runs home to beat his wife.)


    From Daniel Greenfield…
    The Shalit deal will release some of the worst murderers in Israeli history, including those responsible for the Dolphinarium disco bombing which killed over a dozen teenagers, the Sbarro pizza bombing which wiped out an entire family, the lynchers of two Israeli reservists and the Passover Massacre at the Park Hotel.
    From the IDF….
    This is the consequence of the lopsided trade that Israel is about to conclude with Hamas for Gilad Shalit, There will be no more IDF soldiers captured by Hamas. Even if the IDF has to kill them itself. This is known as the IDF’s Hannibal Protocol.

    From Sadie…
    Judaism teaches us to choose life – the price just went up a 1000 fold. If anything positive comes out of this exchange, it will be that the life of a palestinian terrorist and murderer is diminished a 1000 fold, if that’s at all possible.


  • Ymarsakar

    Sadie, it is quite clear to me what Pali strategy is. They intend to 1. outbreed Jews and Western infidels and 2. use their greater numbers to kill the limited population of their enemies.

    It is a strategy fueled by logistics, even if the tactics are so bad the Israelis can win a thousand battles and still lose the war in the end. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, a decisive engagement or war doesn’t leave a situation of hostilities for decades and decades. The Middle east is indecisive because Israel is NOT winning. Anything whatsoever. They are stalemated. Victory looks like Japan and Germany surrendering. It don’t look like the hellish infernos of Islam, just so people may know if they haven’t noticed it yet.


  • 11B40

    Greetings: During my all-expense-paid tour of sunny Southeast Asia, I had two great fears. One was being taken prisoner, the other was having one of my riflemen taken prisoner. Death, I was prepared for, my own or others. But being captured, knowing the proclivities of our opponents, was something that I was unsure I could deal with. Fortunately, I was spared that trial. For me, the underlying lesson here is trying to treat terrorism as a crime as opposed to war. It’s one thing to deal with enemies, such as in WW II, who share some modicum of behavior that “the rules of war” can be subscribed to even knowing that there will be atrocities somewhere, sometime, but to enforce those rules upon one’s own military while, through the moral ambiguity of “asymmetric warfare”, gifting your opponent with a free rein is more than a bit shortsighted. (Not that the Israelis are alone in this.) In my day, we had what was euphemistically referred to as the 9-cent solution. It was thought to be what our military paid for an M-16 round (bullet). It was one of the possible outcomes of my favorite Platoon Sergeant’s “POW Calculus. (Among other things, he loved college boys.)  
    Once again, the POW calculus:
     1) You don’t ever want to fight anyone twice;
     2) Some POWs may have useful information;
     3) Capture, relocation and detention of POWs requires the use of scarce      resources.
     If I catch them, I’ll do the math.

  • Mike Devx

    Gilad Shalit was forced to participate in an Egyptian interview before being allowed to speak to his family or step foot on Israeli soil.  Read the account:,7340,L-4136728,00.html

    This is ENRAGING.  He thinks he’s free, about to head to Israel, finally.  Then his captors and their complicit government in effect tell him, “Eh… not so fast.  We have this little sit down interview on camera we would APPRECIATE if you would DO of your own FREE WILL.”

    Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Of his own free will.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  He’s still trapped, totally under their control, on their soil, with a bastard with a ski mask and a gun standing there (see photo).  What’s the poor guy gonna say.  “No, motherf#&#ckers, I am so out of here!” ???

    And he then he had to endure pro-Palestinian propaganda designed as questions.  He must have been terrified.  Give the wrong answer – go back to captivity and who knows what else for five more years?!?!?!

    What a blessed feeling of relief it must have been, to step onto Israeli soil and finally, for the first time in so many years, experience freedom and safety.

    What a monstrous thing for the Egyptians to do, to force him into this interview with a rabidly pro-Palestinian journalist, in an act that amounts to severe and vicious psychological torture.  Whether they meant it on purpose or not, or were just merely very very very STUPID.


  • Charles Martel

    Regarding the IDF’s “Hannibal Protocol,” whereby any Israeli soldier who is captured may be killed by the IDF to prevent future Shalit-like debacles, I would add one little addendum: Each and every Palestinian within 100 yards of the captured soldier will be granted instant access to Allah’s Little Whorehouse in the Sky.

  • Ymarsakar

    That’s just how the Arabs are. Let the Arabs and Egyptians face someone truly ruthless, powerful, and terrifying and watch how fast they go down on all fours to bow in submission. But let the Arabs and Egyptians see something weak they can torment and kick around, and boy they’ll be even faster at play.