“The Big Post” Open Thread

I am still working on my big post.  Life, however, keeps getting in the way.  I have hopes that I’ll get it done sometime tomorrow.

My mom will be having a procedure tomorrow morning that should control her heart problem.  With luck, the secondary problems — confusion, depression, panic-attacks — will diminish if her heart is brought under control.  While she’s in surgery, I’ll have time to clear out my in-boxes, both paper and cyber and, with a little luck, I’ll also have the chance to finish that gosh darn long post I’ve promised.

Until then, have fun here.  You guys/gals always bring such interesting stuff to my attention.

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  • JKB

    I’ve been thinking about the ‘bait and switch’ that is higher education.  They market ‘education’ but when push comes to shove teaching is not a priority for the ‘research men’.

    We are informed by many that education is failing us. And well it may he so, if producing books is eulogized and repaid hy advancement, while the efforts to produce men are scoffed at. It has heen dinned in our ears that education must save us at the present juncture. To which, if true, I reply that, unless we regain the love and art of teaching, we are lost. 
    The truth is that at present the teacher exists by sufferance only, and stands against the current in the scholarly fraternity-a fact recognized by students as well as by faculty. For the educational field has becn preempted by the so-called “research men.” Their standards of scholarship have been set up as the only norms.

    But then we have this Overcoming Bias : Literature Research:

    Academics talk as if academia is all about the research progress, but in fact it is more about “authorizing” the academics. That is, about credentialing their impressiveness, so that others can affiliate with credentialed impressive folks.

    So really it is less about even research than a guild to facilitate the power of the “impressive”.  

    “The medieval university differed in many respects with our idea of a modern university.  It was primarily a guild of teachers and scholars, formed for common protection and mutual aid.  It was a republic of letters, whose members were exempt from all services private and public, all personal taxes and contributions, and from all civil procedure in courts of law.  The teaching function was secondary, and often entirely overlooked.  The Scottish university from the beginning, however, emphasized the teaching function, and created an atmosphere academic rather than civil or political.  ”

    That was written of the Scottish Universities around the turn of the last century.  We could use  less German and more Scottish back into our universities.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Still waiting on the self defense posts.


    Btw, if you wanted to know more about why I don’t believe in certain things, read that post of mine. It’s why I am not as enamored of MMA cult fanaticism as some people, like in California, may be.