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  • DL Sly

    Gun control is hitting your target….repeatedly and in a nice, tight grouping.

    My favorite reply to the “Guns kill people” crowd is if guns kill people then keyboards write typos and spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat.

  • Tonestaple

    My first thought was that this was related to this bit of news from Seattle:  http://tinyurl.com/7vzkkfp

    We are now in the amusing position of having fairly liberal (in the good sense) gun laws but we are not allowed to get plastic bags at the store.  Of course, the gun laws, within the city limits, are there despite the city council, certainly not because of them.  Damned, stinking nannies.

  • jj

    I don’t know, Tone – the f***ing plastic bags last until after hell freezes over, and they wind up everywhere, from wrapped around the legs and heads of eagles to inside the stomachs of killer whales and seals.  We don’t seem to be able to train the people to handle and dispose of them correctly, and of course you’re not allowed to kill the idiots, so I have to conclude the city’s probably better without them.

  • Libby

    I loved his response – “I don’t like plastic bags…The Khymer Rouge murdered over one million Cambodians by suffocating them with plastic garbage bags.” I’m going to use that one, for sure.
    Liberal always think that they can control or legislate away human nature – whether it’s gun control or gut control.
    DL Sly – have you noticed how many people are killed by SUV’s lately? I never knew these babies could drive themselves, and so aggressively, too.


    Sometimes those plastic bags have their moment….:)

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I don’t like guns. They’re just too loud.

    Nukes, kinetic strikes from orbit, and fuel air explosives seem to me to be much more appropriate.