All-American Women!

Yay, there’s another Sarah Palin in American politics.

Mia B. Love – mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Those of you that have read my posts and comments (whether you agree or disagree) know that I am a huge Sarah Palin fan. Frankly, there is a certain breed of all-American women that I hugely admire in this country – those descended from the same character stock that stood side by side with their men, gun in hand, ready to fight to the death for their families. This is the type of person that Sarah Palin typifies: strong, confident, articulate with a clear sense of…common sense.

Now, in Utah, we see that Sarah Palin is hardly alone. In fact, she may have paved the way for a new, assertive voice of American women in politics. Here is Mia Love…watch the video, imagine Liberal-Lefty heads exploding, then read the link (h/t Powerline Blog)


Let a million Palins bloom! We may yet win this country back.

Besides, I think Allen West could use some help.

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  • bizcor

    This woman has been mentioned all over twitter today. Stand by for the MSM to come out and annihilate her. She’s black, conservative, and married to a white man. Oh yeah she goes to church too. May the MSM heads explode. I love it and as you all may remember I too am a Sarah Palin admirer.
    Did you see that Todd Palin came out in support of Newt today. The New Hampshire primary is tomorrow I am still going back and forth. I will know who I am voting for once I put the x on the paper.  (Not Mitt)

  • Charles Martel

    Chucky’s in love.
    By the way, this lovely woman used a term that the bien pensants on the left cannot fathom: agency. Already it’s obvious to me that she would dispose of a liberal opponent in a debate just about as handily as Ymarsakar would in a dead-end alley going up against 16 metrosexual thugs.

  • Earl

    Oh MAN!!
    We’ll hear heads exploding in D.C. all the way out here on the Left Coast, if this lady gets elected.
    I’ve donated $25.00 — PLEASE go and help her win the primary…any amount you can afford.

  • Ymarsakar

    Martel, if the dead end alley only lets one or two people fight side by side, sure. I’d prefer not to work any more than I have to there. That’s one situation where if you don’t do the work, the government isn’t going to bail you out with a welfare check. Just saying.


  • Charles Martel

    Ymarsakar, you are a wordsmith, as well as a warrior. I could see you easily fending off a pack of enraged metrosexuals by flinging barbed insults at them: “Yo, who cuts your hair, a John Deere harvester?” “Hey, are those shoes Claude Hopper originals?”  
    They’d fall at your feet, in piles of sobbing sissies. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Most people trained with the concept of beating the super punk. That guy who intimidated you in high school, except bigger. Others trained with the visualization of beating the criminal or the tough guy stealing your girl or bar stool.

    Years ago, when I began the Path or Way, my intent was to train solely in order to defeat opponents equivalent to the serial killer or suicide terrorist. If 16 metrosexuals are too difficult, that simply means I wasn’t really trying. In my experience, most people intuitively understand where their limit is, and will avoid opponents that out class them. People or criminals who don’t, end up six feet under, shot by somebody or other.


  • Ymarsakar

    Your conclusion is more or less correct, but the methods would be different. For example, I wouldn’t insult anybody if they were angry, because that escalates the issue and makes it more likely for them to attack me. If I’m participating in a violent confrontation of my own free will (words are violent like a punch is), then it’s no longer self defense, but a mutual fight. Both are liable for any damages then, if caught by the police, or in civil court. I wasn’t much interested in winning “fights” of that nature. The better option for me would be to simply leave the place the malcontents are gathering at. I’ll do everything in my power to listen to their grievances and find a solution both parties would be satisfied with, failing that I’ll take myself out of the equation. That’s the way I found to be able to kill someone and justifiably claim self defense. Because if they do anything afterwards, then that was their choice to make, and not mine. I gave them every chance to avoid it, and they chose instead to leap right into it. All the witnesses will attest to that. And that means I know who is the good guy and who is the evil. There are a lot of evil in this world and I have to ignore most of them to live. But if someone comes after me personally and tries to get me, after they had many better options to choose from, then that’s something my survival does not allow me to ignore. And when I have no hesitations left, I can simply turn on the switch and drop the social limiters, without regret or guilt.

    Humans are social animals. Most sane individuals feel horrible after first killing another human being. But that’s because they can’t hide from themselves, and have doubts about whether they took the right action. Because they didn’t plan things out as well as might have been. Personally, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back if I kill a rapist, a serial killer, or a terrorist. Some people are defined by me as evil and thus in need of termination. “I killed someone thinking he’s evil but he was innocent” only happens to lawyers, judges, and people who don’t bend over backwards to offer the enemy a face saving mutually beneficial deal. That is all.

    The old saw became true after all. The more I learned how to kill people using bare hands or weapons, the less inclined I was to get into verbal or physical arguments. I’m only a wordsmith on the internet, as that is the environment and training. No worries that anything physical will happen there. That is both good and bad in its way. I prefer stealth and observation in the physical world however.

    The reason why this sorta pertains to politics is because the Sarah Palins of America must find a way to defeat their political enemies without killing them. That’s infinitely harder than what I just described, and infinitely longer and more inefficient to boot. The only positive mark about it is that they are able to preserve their own life and their family’s safety, by not seeking aggressive violence. However, because the Left is evil, we all know that evil will eventually consume us all when left unchecked and unopposed. So there’s a ticking time bomb for the Sarah Palins and other politically aware patriots of America. I don’t envy them the task at all. It’s going to take a lot of work, effort, time, and money to recover and rebuild what the Left has destroyed. Not impossible, but I prefer destructive methods as they are easier to use with more decisive outcomes. A pyramid built on the backs of slaves over decades, can be destroyed in a micro second by a destructive event. The America that generations of folk spent their lives building, can be ended in a single century by parasites and greedy eco-capitalists. In a single decade, perhaps. People will only be capable of decisive action when their backs are pushed against the wall. That has yet to happen. Obama has not done his worst nor has anyone seen the terrible visage of the Left in all its horrible deficiency. That means there is still hope for Constitutional Restoration, in full intent and substance. It also means people are still full of hesitation, guilt, and regret, and not yet at the point where they can take decisive action to end the Left in full termination. As such, the conflict, or cycle of violence, continues uninterrupted.

    This verbosity is partially inspired by Marc MacYoung’s book about cheapshots and ambushes.

  • MacG

    “We’ll hear heads exploding in D.C. all the way out here on the Left Coast, if this lady gets elected.”
    Just like the Independence Day Fireworks!
    Just another Enjoli woman

  • MacG

    Another Fav: Star Parker

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