• Marica

    AWESOME! That’s the sort of can-do attitude I like to see. 


    The clip is from Boston Legal.


    Even better when you remember that Shatner is Canadian.

  • http://leftcoastconservative.blogspot.com leftcoastconservative

    This clip is one of many great performances that Shatner gave on Boston Legal.  Who knew that Bill was such a good comedic actor?  

    One thing about the scene, and dumb script writers:  the perp appears to be armed with a 1911 pistol.  At t dramatic point in the confrontation, he thumbs back the hammer, indicating his serious intent.  It seems TV shows ALWAYS have the gun wielder thumb back the hammer to make things even more dramatic.  The problem is, before that point, the attacker’s gun was useless because the 1911 is a single action pistol: it will not fire unless the hammer is cocked.  That is why us 1911 operators carry in “condition 1”: round chambered, hammer cocked, and safety on.

    Also, I hate the portrayal of this self-defense shooting: Shatner shot the attacker in both feet, seemingly perpetuating the myth that it is a good idea to shoot-to-wound.  Smarter people than I recommend that one shoots to the center of mass of the largest available portion of the attacker.  In this case it would have been the center of the attacker’s chest.  

    On a more subtle note, the script writers give the gun, and the apparent joy in shooting a person, to the show’s wack-job character Denny Crane, perhaps to perpetuate the myth of the wack-job gun nut.  Shooting a person, even in self defense, is never going to be fun.

    Sure, the scene is funny.  I remember seeing it during the broadcast of the episode, but there are a lot of problems with it.


  • http://callanprimer.com kali

    LFC, I used to be married to a gun nut (a term I use with fond respect) It made watching any show with weaponry painful, eg, “He’s in a <blank-blank> combat situation! Why is he chambering now?

  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    It’s a funny scene, but is in keeping with the Alinsky rule to ridicule the opponent. Bill Shatner is an anti-gun nut in real life.

  • JKB

    Yeah, an amusing TV scene but a horrible legal problem.  He purposely shot him multiple times before a witness with none of the rounds designed to stop the threat but merely to cause pain and injury.  I believe they call that assault with a deadly weapon.  He might be able to explain the kneecap shot as a lucky error but the others, no way.  He didn’t continue firing in reflex or to stop a continued threat but to injure.  They guy was in pain but retained his weapon and could have easily returned fire.  Good thing the robber wasn’t experienced at gun fighting and hadn’t learned to absorb the pain while returning fire.  Even if he avoid criminal prosecution, the gratuitous injuries will get him sued.  

    Oh and that accepts Denny Crane’s remarkable marksmanship to hit such small moving targets under stress. 

    All discharges in the direction of a person is deadly force.  
    You shoot to stop, easiest target is the torso, which is large and slow moving and has many vitals that damaged will stop an attacker.

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      As a lawyer, I twigged to the fact that what Shatner did after the first shot wasn’t self-defense.

      As a citizen of the world, I know he was a liberal poking fun at the liberal perception of conservatives.

      As a newbie to the gun world, I assumed that Hollywood got the gun wrong, since it always does.

      Nevertheless, it was a fun scene, sort of like the one in the first Indiana Jones movie, where Indiana Jones . . . well, see for yourself:

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    LibProg delusions.