Yes, Obama is a Marxist, but the MSM has blunted America’s ability to care

At YID with LID, you get to see proof of something we all knew intuitively:  Obama is now and long has been a Marxist.

The problem is that this news, which ought to be staggering, doesn’t matter.  Even if one strips away the MSM’s reflexive denial about Obama’s Marxism, the fact that he is a Marxist still doesn’t matter.  I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, that forty years of Leftist education and media indoctrination have resulted in an America that views the word without fear.

After forty years of being taught aggressively that America is an evil imperialist; that American values are not only no better than other values but are actually worse; that women and all non-white races are superior to men and the white race (a form of reverse racism, rather than a step toward true equality); that capitalism destroys humans and the planet; that traditional religion is a form of white capitalist dominance; and on and on.  America may not yet be a Marxist nation in fact, but it will be because we’ve had two generations that have been inculcated in Marxist ideology.  It’s what they know and where they go.

I was the first generation.  I struggled with the cognitive dissonance of “the Communists are people just like us, and they want happy families, and they have elections, and we’re the warmongers, and fairies and unicorns,” even while contrasting that with meeting people from the Soviet Union, or getting reports out of China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and other Marxist paradises putting the lie to these assurances.  Since 1989, though, Communism has been on the decline at the national level.  The Soviet Union is gone, China has gone to a weirdly capitalist economy, and we’re told that Cuba is a happy, sunny, laid-back, 50s-car driving Caribbean paradise, while the horrors in North Korea aren’t because of Communism, but simply because the Kim family is evil.  It’s Peyton Place on steroids, rather than the logical outgrowth of an evil ideology.  The cognitive dissonance with which I struggled is gone, because the past few generations have had no truth to balance against the lies.

So at the end of the day, no one in America cares that Obama is a Marxist.  The concept has been leached of meaning.

But, just so you know, he is a Marxist.

All of which gets me back to the point I made in the preceding post:  Andrew Breitbart got that the problem isn’t Obama.  He’s a symptom.  The problem is a media establishment that’s created a virtual Newspeak world.  It’s that ideological hegemony that we need to destroy, so that future generations of America can actually struggle with cognitive dissonance, rather than being fed a pure diet of lies and misinformation.  Then, if they’re lucky, they can choose actual facts rather than Marxist unicorns and fairies when they make the political choices.

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  • JKB

    All true but I contend the indoctrination started in the twenties.  It went mainstream in the sixties.  Even the intellectuals on the right tend to blur the socialism.  Just look at the way the evils were attributed to communism rather than socialism.  But communism is just the state ownership of property, it is socialism that seeks to control and dominate the individual.  

    That Communism is essentially negative, confined to the prohibition that one shall not have more than another. Socialism is positive and aggressive, declaring that each man shall have enough. 
    It purposes to introduce new forces into society and industry; to put a stop to the idleness, the waste of resources, the misdirection of force, inseparable, in some large proportion of instances, from individual initiative; and to drive the whole mass forward in the direction determined by the intelligence of its better half. 
    BTW, if you want to contrast live under socialists with life under capitalism

  • gpc31

    A nice history of the marxist origins of political correctness at 



    Don’t tease me. The site is down for repairs.  

  • gpc31
  • gpc31

    But don’t click the link, just copy and paste in a new window.


    gpc31 – You are a sweetie for the gallant effort. 😉

    I read the article and it left me feeling more queasy, if that’s possible and it certainly explains round two (yes, a pun in the midst of all the dreck) see the link below.

    Gun Sales Rise as People Fear 4 More Years of Obama

  • gpc31

    Thanks for your link.  I admire your wit* and can’t top your pun so I won’t try!  Anyway, I agree with the conclusion of the article you cited:
    “People want weapons because they know if there is social unrest the police will not be able to protect them, in fact, they may turn on them. The American people are smart enough to know that criminals will not turn their guns in. The majority of Americans are law abiding. In the past, they might have turned their guns. I don’t think they will today…..I do not believe people are purchasing guns and ammo to start a revolution. They just don’t trust this government to protect their rights, the economy, or their property.”

    I’ll just add the qualifier that the re-arming of America is going to vary greatly by region.  Gun ownership is already a given in some areas but will be a hard sell in places like the Northeast, where I live.  It’s more than just an antipathy to guns; it’s a complacent sense that nothing can go wrong, but if it does, the authorities will take care of it.  On the other hand, that complacency has been shaken by two severe, week-long power outages in this neck of the woods.  For example, fefore Hurricane Irene, fewer than 2% of the people on my street had generators.  After Irene, maybe 10%.  Now, 25%.  And I see more piles of firewood.  We’ll see if that translates into more ammunition.

    It seems that people are driven less by an abstract fear of government encroachment on their constitutional rights than by the realization that when the crisis came, they were on their own; they weren’t able to shower in three days, and the government was absolutely useless.  

    *True Wit is Nature to advantage dress’d,
    What oft was thought but ne’er so well express’d.

    –Alexander Pope


         The dubious feelings towards government is not without merit. Google earth began photographing every street several years ago (Google Street View). I am sure many thought ..gee, I can click at look at my old neighborhood or maybe one I would like to move to. Google as you know, has been doing this globally. BUT..when I read about the FAA Reauthorization Act and the current legislation waiting to be signed (as if it a signature of a politician would alter intent) and the use of 30,000 drones to be put to use in both the public and private sector .. well, you can draw your own conclusions. I’ve read on several sites that small drones have already been spotted, some as small as a large bird. If the government has not put the kibosh on gun sales, it’s only because you can’t shoot down a satellite. I acknowledge that both street views and drones can help in catastrophic situations to survey damage and assist, I also know that the very opposite is a distinct possibility.
    Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane but it’s not Superman – it’s Super-government.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m beginning to believe that Obama is another one of our “Teflon Presidents”.
    About half the country just seems to like him personally.  I don’t know why.  *I* certainly don’t.  He’s overtaken Carter on my list of worst presidents of this century.   And personally, while I believe he genuinely cares deeply for his daughters, I can’t think of any one other admirable trait.

    A recent headline said:  ‘I’m Going To Keep Doing Everything I Can To Help You Save Money On Gas’…

    That is an out and out lie.  Yet no one will call him on the absolute, complete lie.