Drudge headlines give reason for hope — real hope, not Dope Hope

This guy turned out to be a Dope, rather than offering Hope:

These Drudge headlines, though, do offer hope, real hope for a resurgent constitutionalism in America:

Reminder to self: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Beware hubris. Don’t put the horse before the cart.

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  • Caped Crusader

    Beware a liberal rope-a-dope! A liberal does not change it’s spots.

  • http://bkivey.wordpress.com/ bkivey

    I’m not sure that the poster works as a pejorative. To many people, ‘dope’ is synonymous with ‘cool’.

    On a slightly related note, I saw an exit panhandler with a sign that said “Given up hope. Need money for rent and food.” Even here in the heart of Slackerville, I don’t think she was being ironic, but the first thing I thought of was the Mocha Messiah.

  • MacG

    “I’m not sure that the poster works as a pejorative. To many people, ‘dope’ is synonymous with ‘cool’.”
    Kind of like that failed vacuum American ad campaign “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch, either.  It’s hard for me to see any of the four liberal Justices siding against ObamaCare.   It’s too near and dear to what they FEEL is right, and never mind that pesky Constitution.

    All it would take is one more justice, thinking ObamaCare is a decent idea, and trained to expediency… after all, ObamaCare is a *good* idea (to them), and its implementation might make them FEEL so good… so if they just look away from the Constitution just a little bit… just this once… 

    But I’ve got to say, I’m happy with the news today, and some of the Justices’ comments give me hope that we might still be a nation of Law, not a nation of Man (which leads to tyranny and lawlessness, and probably violence in the streets).



    “Dope” in my youth was the word for marijuana or “weed” as we called it. Not to be confused with being “we-weed up” [pause] come to think it about it, that was Obama’s choice of words.

  • jj

    Small reason for optimism.  Very small reason.  Bring a microscope.
    Firstly, as even children can plainly perceive, the wise Latina should be elsewhere.  The headline reads: “Even from Sotomayor?” when it should be reading: “what the hell is she doing sitting on this case?”  If she doesn’t have the wit – or integrity – to recuse herself, then she should be forcibly recused.  An amazing number of Americans I talk to are growing increasingly fed up with the penchant of those who’ve been to law school to excuse themselves from any and all responsibility to any set of rules.
    Secondly, the law makes very plain that coerced contracts are not enforceable.  Again, intelligences that have successfully navigated life as far as the third grade can see the clear and obvious connection between that simple statement of fact and what the Obama gang is attempting to foist off on us all.  The Constitution rises at least to the level of common law, especially the degraded form of it with which we’re all forced to live these days – thanks, courts! – and this is obvious on its face.  I have even heard people wondering if there’s ever going to be a day that a solicitor-general will ever tell his boss: “no.  I’m not arguing that, it’s ridiculous on its face.  You want it argued, argue it yourself.  Don’t ask me to set fire to what’s left of my honor and do it for you.”  Then again, that would take introspection and an actual sense of honor, neither of which seem to be qualities much valued in law school.
    Thirdly, as I’ve said before: 3 days, 3 hours, 3 years, 3 months, or 3 seconds of argument – it makes no difference.  We know how everyone’s going to vote.  And people, some of ’em, are wondering: how did the United States of America end up in a position where its Constitution, the most sacred thing it has and the foundation of what makes it exceptional – whether the asshole in the white house understands that or not – is left in the hands of one person, a non-entity at that, to protect and preserve.  We are in the hands of the “swing vote,” Anthony Kennedy.  A man who is the “swing vote” precisely because he has reached whatever the hell age he is without having developed a clear set of convictions or beliefs about this country, its fundamental ethos, or its Constitution.  Like a not-very-bright child, he will go with whoever last looked good to him.  He will go with the snappiest dresser, and whoever best delivered his lines, because he is the “swing vote” and that is what the “swing vote” does.  That’s nothing more than code for someone with no core beliefs.
    The fact that this country has reached this pass at all, and that this argument is taking place at all, is very disheartening.  Anthony Kennedy is what stands – and is all that stands – between America and a future as the socialist republic of France.  One guy, one of a bunch of retired ambulance-chasers elected by nobody, followed by nobody, believed in by nobody; holds us all in the position in which we have somehow found ourselves.  That’s cause for hope?  Are you kidding me?  That the genuine intellectual vacancy of liberalism has us in this position at all is just… – well, there are no words for what it is.  If there were, “cause for hope” would certainly not figure among them.     

  • 11B40


    Doesn’t one want to put the horse before the cart ???  As opposed to the alternative ???  


  • jj

    Pardon me – I can’t tell them apart.  I meant of course that Kagan should be recused, not Sotomayor.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Me counting the Left out before they all hang themselves and produce a surrender document? As if that would happen.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m enjoying the spectacle, Book.  But there’s nothing to celebrate until we win.   Celebrating this is like celebrating the latest poll.  The poll doesn’t matter; the election does.

    I tend not to spend money until I’ve earned it, too.

    And I don’t care if the liberals are energized by an ObamaCare loss.  An ObamaCare loss would be the best thing to happen to this country in quite some time.  If the libs want to get energized over it, let em.