Will 2012 be the revenge of the Mommies?

Women have been responsible for some pretty bad presidents.  Warren Harding leaps most easily to mind, since his was the first presidential election in which women participated, but women were also water carriers for JFK and Bill Clinton.

The Barack Obama campaign clearly hoped to capitalize on women’s bad habit of voting for bad boys, so they offered women (1) free birth control, (2) the charmingly helpless Julia, (3) stunningly stupid attacks against Ann Romney; and (4) the pithy claim that Republicans (and Romney) are waging a “War Against Women.”  If you live in a liberal bubble, this seems like a very good tactic.

Sadly for the Obamites, what looks good on Dem party paper doesn’t necessarily work in real life.  In real life, women have children, and they worry about those children.  That worry trumps their concerns about birth control or silly wars on women or gay marriage.  And that concern focuses on two things:  a strong economy, so that women can raise healthy, happy children who go on the a good life; and a safe world in which those same children will thrive.  Funnily enough, when the soccer Moms, and working Moms, and la crosse Moms, and football Moms, and harassed Moms, and happy Moms look at these serious, rather than superficial concerns, one candidate floats to the top — and it ain’t Barry:

After months of manufactured “GOP War on Women” silliness, a new CBS/NYT poll (!) finds Romney leading Obama 46-44% among woman voters. Mind you, that isn’t GOP woman or even independent women, but ALL women voters.

More importantly, today’s poll finds a notable shift among women in just the last month. In April, Obama was leading Romney by 6% among women. No other group saw an 8 point shift in their support.

Turns out women’s top concern is the same as men’s: The Economy. All the contrived outrage about contraceptives and women’s health can’t mask the fact that 73% of voters listed either the economy or the federal deficit as their number on issue.

I feel vindicated.  Last week, I wrote that Barry is the Eddie Haskell of politics.  He’s a bad boy, who seems like fun, until he gets you in trouble.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is this election’s Ward Cleaver.  He’s the voice of reason, the protector, and the bread winner.  The girls in the political world know a good provider when they see one — and, more importantly, they understand that this “providing” doesn’t mean selective government handouts that slowly but surely eat away at the nation in which their children are born but, instead, means a stable, healthy economy that gives opportunity to all.

[Gotta run, so this is “dictated, but not read.”  My apologies for typos.]

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  • Danny Lemieux

    OK, Book, here is a question that I am obviously not equipped to handle:

    Would “most” women prefer to be married to a Mitt Romney or to a Barack Obama?

    Incidentally, if you didn’t see it, the Romney campaign’s Mother’s Day homage to Ann Romney must have struck a lot of cords with people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lfL4vnqVJJg

    I had to wonder: no matter how dysfunctional your family was, thanks to Democrat family values (e.g., LBJ, Kennedy, Jackson, Gore, Clinton, Edwards, Obama), wouldn’t you have to wonder if you wouldn’t have been happier growing up in the Republican =Romney household?

    Does it matter? 

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      That is a very interesting question, indeed. I think it depends on the woman’s age. When she’s young, she wants a bad boy or a dreamer. When she’s matured, and has children, she might suddenly realize that the best future lies in a stable, dependable, thoughtful, mature man.

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  • Mike Devx

    Some women get it right when they’re young.  They seek to marry not for fun, but for life.  And if he makes their toes curl when he kisses them, all the better.

    Then there are the women who never mature.  “Men are PIGS!” they’ll proclaim, but every time they’re out at the bars on Friday nights when between relationships, they keep self-selecting the same bad boys.  But that’s life.  Some of us are quick learners, and some are not.


  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    The problem is for those women who figure things out about halfway through — in other words, when it’s too late.  😉

    I know a lot of those women, sad to say.

  • Mike Devx

    My best advice to them is: take it slow.  Don’t leap into the sack.  The “bad boys”, like psychopaths and malignant narcissists (Obama) are VERY good at first impressions and false fronts.  And their goal is quite simple: Get the gal in the sack for some fun fun fun!  And when she tires of the game and figures out the deceit, ditch her and move on to the next easy mark.  (Because there are enough easy marks out there to keep the game going ad infinitum.)

    But the mask slips – as we’ve seen with Obama.  They may be excellent at it, but everyone slips up.  So take it slow, let the relationship simmer for a few months before you commit and throw yourself wholeheartedly in.  When the mask slips, all you’re doing then is ditching the guy you’re dating – a courtship game – not ditching a lover you’ve sacked up with and moved in with already for a month and a half.  I’d think that would be a path that leaves self respect intact.

  • Beth

    I’m with you Bookworm–I know so many women who are just so lonely.
    Thanks for linking the Mother’s Day-Romney ad.  Yes, it’s an ad but, I don’t know, those guys seemed pretty sincere to me.  All the video showed Ann as a mom–directing her children.  Then when she is actually on camera, “Oh, then there’s me…”  Even from the very small clips and the words of her sons, she was willing to be the one behind the scenes.  To be the support figure for her husband and sons to grow and suceed in whatever they are called to do.  To me, that’s what true motherhood is all about.   And yes, it takes a Man, leading the household, for this to happen.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want a nice guy like Mtt Romney, but then want the money and power from their sugar daddy Obama at the same time. They were born to rule this country they think. Why can’t they have it both ways, like movie stars and crack addicts?