I think my theory about the Bakke connection to Obama’s minority status might be gaining traction

A few days ago, I posited that Obama might have come up with the faux Kenyan identity because, in 1979, when he was graduating from high school, the Supreme Court’s 1978 decision Regents of the University of California v. Bakke had done away with affirmative action.  (Universities eventually developed workarounds, but those didn’t exist in 1979.)

I didn’t get a mention or a link, but I think this paragraph, in a Breitbart expose about Obama’s probable low SAT scores, shows that my theory is gaining traction — namely, that Bakke somehow mattered:

It is possible that Obama benefited from Columbia’s affirmative action program, which the university had recently defended in an amicus curie brief to the Supreme Court in the celebrated Bakke case (1977). Columbia joined several other elite universities in defending the use of race as a factor in college admissions. The brief had argued that “minority status must be considered independently of economic or cultural deprivation.”

Given that 1981 turned out to be a relatively easy year to enter Columbia as a transfer student, and the fact that Obama was applying as a transfer student from a private college in California, as well as a minority student, Obama likely would have stood out among applicants, regardless of his scores and grades.

I don’t agree with the above statement, by the way, which is that Obama benefited from affirmative action.  I think Obama’s problem in 1978/1979 was that he couldn’t benefit from affirmative action, despite being a self-confessed slacker.  He needed to come up with another hustle, and I’m willing to bet that it was a Kenyan identity — which is the reason his transcripts are hidden.

I mean, think about it:  Obama has already confessed that he was a drug-user and a slacker, so no one could reasonably expect him to have decent grades.  Transcripts with low grades could be explained away, especially Obama he matured and proved his brilliance later.

Transcripts stating that Obama was a foreign student, however, are impossible to explain away.  And since I believe Barry was born in Hawaii, why would the transcripts say he was foreign-born (assuming, of course, that they do)?  Self-identifying as a foreign national makes sense only if it was to Obama’s advantage to state that kind of lie — and the only advantage would be easier college admission.  Further, the only reason in an affirmative action world that a black guy would need an admission advantage is if he was getting into college during that very small historical window when, thanks to Bakke, affirmative action wasn’t available.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    These are the kinds of lies the Left tells as part of their normal upbringing and modus operandi. Wait until you see the lies they use to get people killed in war and battles. It’ll make Ted Kennedy’s leap over the bridge look like it was some spoiled rich kid’s attempt at CYA.


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Back in 2008, I remember reading a comment from some anonymous reader at Blackfive, and he said that he’s got military credentials and that the reason he is going to vote for Obama is because both parties are corrupt but the Democrats at least know how to rule and thus are less corrupt…. yeah, that makes perfect sense, right Book?

  • bizcor

    I read your post the other day and decided that makes more sense than Obama being foreign born. But if he wasn’t foreign born why the heck didn’t he have a birth certificate to show? Don’t bother me with the doctored one that showed up after “The Donald” demanded one.
    Ah well no matter. We only have a few more months until he is voted out.  More and more everyday I hear people who say they voted for him on 08 saying not again. The National TV networks and The NYTimes will tell you that he is a shoe in but I don’t think so.


    Primary Colors, Politics and POTUS
    If you mix all the primary colors together, you will get a shade of black or depending on how much of each you mix, a very ugly brown.
    No matter how often we dip our brushes onto the palette, metaphorically speaking here, I see nothing but a grayish, brownish, blackish muck of a color. It and I mean all of it, paints quite the portrait of a liar, master manipulator and finally, we have a picture of Dorian Gray painted by the MSM [read: Basil Hallward].
    I am weary from it all. We ask questions, we see contradictions and lies. The biggest questions have yet to be raised: Why the hell has it fallen upon the internet, the bloggers, the commentaries to sort the wheat from the chaff? Why have our representatives been totally and completely absent from this dialogue?

  • Sonic Charmer

    I have noticed your explanation/framework behind a lot of commentary (not just Breitbart) that later popped up, and wondered if indeed it traced back to you…

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Sonic Charmer:  I’ve noticed that sometimes myself, but I think it’s often just a case of thoughtful people reaching the same conclusions.

  • smokedaddy

    As it happens, my sister graduated high school in 1979, as well. From a public school in Los Angeles btw. After a year of community college, she was admitted to Occidental College as a sophomore. She knew Barry some. After all he was in two of her classes, one of which was on American Cultures for which she still has the notes. What stirs her up today, is not so much that Barry was her classmate (an apparently unremarkable student with not much to say), but the hoops she had to jump through to earn a good grade without commiting to the Marxist view of Amerikka held by the prof. As for Barry, she remembers thinking at the time that for an Indonesian student probably on foreign student assistance he certainly had an excellent command of English. He later explained to her the Hawaii connection. On the issue of his acceptance to Occidental, lets remember that small, private colleges like Oxy put relatively less emphasis on grades and SAT scores than did UC or other state colleges. I had pretty decent grades but probably got accepted to Oxy, Whittier, and CMC based on my own essay based on the family’s two years knocking around South America. I remember at the time that even as an only partly developed conservative, I’d be just a little more comfortable at CMC (now McKenna College) than Oxy. Excellent point too on the Bakke decision. My guess is Barry’s two page essay detailing his unique upbringing & heritage on his admission application went a long way towards canceling out the crappy scholastic record. Lying about his birthplace would have been good insurance. I doubt he’d even have to show a BC for the application. Qualifying for aid as a foreign student might would likely have required it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Even if they vote him out, nobody right now can even imagine the level of damage Obama will do in the few months during the transition. The transition impacts the first six or 8 months of a new President’s itinerary and goals.