Does Arthur Brooks make the sale for free enterprise?

Do you think this is an effective video?  I liked it, but I think that, to the extent it’s very conclusory, my liberal Facebook friends would disagree vehemently:

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  • Earl

    I think that’s a FABULOUS video, and I’m going to share it with the business profs I used to work with.
    However, I also think you’re right – your liberal Facebook friends are not going to sit and watch it all the way through.  It challenges their deeply-held convictions – well, their unconsciously-absorbed prejudices, if you insist.
    Here’s another video that came to me with the Subject line: Blacks Would Not Be Democrats If They Only Knew This…  What a crock!!  They won’t watch the movie…the minute they know the premise, they’ll stay away in droves, because most people don’t want any challenges.  Here’s the URL for the interview (with really annoying hosts):