Can someone please explain the TSA to me?

We all know the TSA.  Some of its employees are decent, hard-working folks who treat us with respect and try hard.  Some of them are lazy.  Some dishonest.  Some vulgar.  Some voyeurs.  The institution’s policies are allegedly meant to make us safe, but many of us wonder how useful an organization is when it frisks screaming toddlers, forces old men to pull down their pants, gropes women, and refuses to profile, despite an obvious and persistent terrorist demographic.  These are all head-scratchers.

But if you want a real head-scratcher, something that goes far beyond the inconveniences visited upon a long-suffering public, try this one on for size:  the TSA allowed illegal aliens to attend a flight school owned and operated by . . . an illegal alien.  No, I’m not kidding.  You can read about it here.  One would think that, with the lesson of 9/11 still resonating amongst at least some people in America, the TSA might frown upon allowing illegal aliens into cockpit.

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  • weathtd

    As we say here the South,  “don’t surprise me none.”.   The anti-America crowd has been doing this type of bovine scatology since before 9/11′. After the attacks, there were reports that TSA personnel were prohibited from checking Arab/Middle Eastern males between the ages of 18 and 35 to avoid the appearance of profiling.  Why does the ACLU oppose profiling?   Because it works..  As a police officer in the 80s, the I-95 drug corridor was severely impaired due to profiling drug couriers.  But of course, the ACLU pitched a fit.  Profiling works.  Remember the reports of Joe Foss searched and detained at the airport because his Medal of Honor kept setting off the detectors?  But don’t inconvience a potential terrorist.

  • Earl

    When, in their infinite “wisdom”, our Congress-critters made the TSA an operation of the government, complete with a “public employees'” union, it was clear that the major purpose wasn’t safety, but another jobs program, and a source of more campaign cash.
    If you keep this in mind, then everything you’re watching happen makes more sense.


    “… the TSA might frown upon allowing illegal aliens into cockpit.”

    Frowning is not considered PC – pay no attention to the rest of us wearing a face of despair or the family members from Ft. Hood, who wear the face of  grief. 

  • jj

    Sorry, can’t do it.  And I am one hell of an explainer, too.  But I don’t think anybody can successfully explain the Tits & Ass boys and girls.  Or G.W. Bush, either: what sentient being reacts to a problem by creating a new federal agency?  That’s always the perfect solution, isn’t it – just what we all needed, a new bunch of low-grade morons in charge of something.


    jj – long explanations aren’t necessary, it’s retrograde amnesia in neurological circles and heads up their kazoos outside of the circle.

    OT (kinda) but speaking of low-grade morons is anyone ‘not’ surprised that the organizers of the Olympics in London came up short on security needs and have to draw on British troops to fill in the gap. It’s not like anything horrible could happen at such a venue (Munich 1972) usual suspects, etc.  in the midst of ramadan.  

  • bizcor

    I don’t know what Y’all complaining about, I love being stripped naked in front of the world.
    Seriously the TSA is one of the worst things Bush left us with. That and TARP. My pie in the sky hope is that we will begin to eliminate government department and employees but I am not convinced it will happen. I heard a theory the other night from a fellow who has been involved in local government for some time. He believes it will be “We the People” who will change things and we will change things by pushing back at the local level. Refuse to let the town spend the money on some state or federal mandate. Residents resist at town level, town in turn pushes back at state, state pushes back at fed.

    On that note this November please do pay attention to the so called “smaller offices” Boards of Selectmen, or City Councils. County Commissioners and Sheriff. School boards too. Yes POTUS is important but I can get an audience with my county commissioner a lot easier than I can with the POTUS. Especially if I have helped get the commissioner into office. I am on a first name basis with the Sheriff of my county. I don’t need or want a favor law wise but I do get an audience to discuss how budgets are spent. After November I should be able to get an audience with the Governor. Sorry kids I am in such a campaign mode. Go out and get some good folks voted into office so we can erradicate the scoundrels We won’t be 100% successful  however, to quote an old Chinese Proverb. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

  • Ymarsakar

    One of Obama’s civilian security forces that will be as strong as the US military.