Can someone please explain the TSA to me?

We all know the TSA.  Some of its employees are decent, hard-working folks who treat us with respect and try hard.  Some of them are lazy.  Some dishonest.  Some vulgar.  Some voyeurs.  The institution’s policies are allegedly meant to make us safe, but many of us wonder how useful an organization is when it frisks screaming toddlers, forces old men to pull down their pants, gropes women, and refuses to profile, despite an obvious and persistent terrorist demographic.  These are all head-scratchers.

But if you want a real head-scratcher, something that goes far beyond the inconveniences visited upon a long-suffering public, try this one on for size:  the TSA allowed illegal aliens to attend a flight school owned and operated by . . . an illegal alien.  No, I’m not kidding.  You can read about it here.  One would think that, with the lesson of 9/11 still resonating amongst at least some people in America, the TSA might frown upon allowing illegal aliens into cockpit.