Sadie suggests a we have a bit of fun on the weekend

Let her explain:

it’s time for a Mid-Summer Song or Something Festival dedicated to POTUS. If you’re not musically inclined, please chime in with a poem, an ‘ode’ maybe a limerick – aw heck, arrange the words and message to send a message. Obviously, after three and a half years we know he’s tone deaf to op/eds, 150+ conservative blogs, reality….he is, however, very fond of fundraising – so let’s begin with some “fun” raising.

 Since it is summer – I am starting with “Steam” (it’s such an obvious choice and pun – I couldn’t resist).
Sadie also passes along these clever cards.  Thanks, as always, Sadie.
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
Barack's Birthday Cards RNC
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  1. Call me Lennie says

    Just my luck.  I have numerous song parodies about Obama on file at the web’s leading song parody site called “Amiright” So I can just give you some links.  Here’s a takeoff of the song “Oklahoma!” called “Oh, Obama”
    And here’s one that really made the liberals on the site howl. A takeoff of Simon and Garfunkle’s “I am a Rock” which really captures Obama’s narcissism called “I am Barrack”
    And finally, an Obama busting twofer from the Who — “Behind Brown Eyes” and “Who Are You (Barrack Obama version)”

  2. Call me Lennie says

    Just a few more O-songs from the same site.  First up, a two-fer about Obama’s narcissism — “Proud Barry” and “The First Time Ever I Saw My Face”
    Then there’s my critique of his SOTU speech — “The Liar Speaks Tonight”
    And a couple of fun cheap shots on the “man bites into dog” episode, based on “Hound Dog” and “Papa’s Got a Brand new Bag.”

  3. SADIE says

    Call me Lennie, Terrific! Have you thought about singing the songs and uploading them to YouTube?

    JKB, I am a real fan of political cartoons. They’re a time capsule in a frame or two. The link below complements the cartoon with excellent commentary.

    Hope n’ Change Cartoons


  4. Call me Lennie says

    I have no capacity to sing or upload anything, all I can do is compose these things.  But I do have the capacity to grant permission to anyone who CAN sing or upload to do so.  And so, let me be clear about this — I hereby grant permission to anybody who can perform any of my parodies to perform them and post them on any forum.  I have no capacity to further disseminate these pieces, so if anyone else can do it, be my guest
    Moreover, I have an index page at this website (see link below) and the same permission goes for any of those songs.  About one third of these tunes have Obama or lib bashing overtones which you might check out, including “Golfing USA”, “O Bowdown, Obama”, “Shortest. Parody. Ever”, “You’re Hussein” (Takeoff on “You’re So Vain”), “Little Chevy Volt”, “Hey There, Georgetown Girl”, “You Built That Business”, “Chik fil A” (takeoff on “Yesterday”) and “Half (of a half of a half of a half of a half) Breed”

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