The latest on global warming

AP reports another study on global warming.   Interestingly, the AP report is fairly balanced, and even ends with a comment by a person on the other side.

Personally, I’m too ignorant of the science to have any idea who’s right.  But let me suggest a couple of layperson thoughts.

First, it seems extremely unlikely that we could develop the way we have, burning fossil fuel that took millions of years to create, releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gasses, without having some effect on our environment.

Second, it seems equally unlikely that a small increase in the global temperature would result in a large increase in the number of major heatwaves.  This would only make sense if one also established that the small increase also resulted in greater termperature volitility.

What do you folks think of the latest report and the effort to attribute the latest heatwaves and droughts to global warming?