Talk about damned with faint praise — George R.R. Martin speaks about Barack Obama

I found the show “Game of Thrones” unwatchable, and the book unreadable — both were boring, ugly, and self-involved, which kind of hints at the author’s personality, right?

Anyway, George R. R. Martin has decided that it’s not enough to have his books reveal his petty little soul.  He’s now taken to expressing freely and in detail his political opinions.  Since one assumes that Martin reads only The New York Times, one can understand, although not forgive, his fact-free, invective-filled ruminations about clearing the voter rolls of illegal aliens, dead people, felons, etc.  After all, when the NYT is your information source, you’re going to be a perfect example of “garbage in, garbage out.”

The real insight into Martin’s brain comes when he talks about Barack Obama.  The following is an actual quotation, one he made some time ago when I was paying attention to this small little man’s political opinings.   Before you read the following, please be assured that I am not making it up (emphasis mine):

Martin, an avowed Democrat from Bayonne, N.J. who has described President Obama as “the most intelligent president we’ve had since Jimmy Carter”, doesn’t often write about politics on his blog, but when he does, it is usually to speak about something he feels strongly about, be it TSA screenings or the Affordable Care Act.

“The most intelligent president we’ve had since Jimmy Carter”?  In the face of that kind of intellectual and moral blindness, I’m tempted to come back with something as witty as “I know you are, but what am I,” or perhaps the always reasonable, “It takes one to know one.”

Democrats are imploding, one brain cell at a time.

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    Actually, I have really enjoyed his several books in the series, until the last one.  All the others were written before HBO, whereas the last one is apparently written with HBO in mind.  Now that one is cr*p!  I am not certain I will be able to finish the series.

  • Lobar Pendulum

    I stopped watching GoT after they killed off Ned Stark. Who the fuck introduces a protagonist, has the storyline revolve around him, then gets rid of him in episode 9? Would The Sopranos have kept its audience if they bumped off Tony in the first season? Stupid.

  • Mike Devx

    I haven’t seen any of the series, but I do love the books. I know Martin is a liberal, but he is an avowed individualist.  If I am correct in understanding what he writes, he absolutely, 100% believes in individual responsibility for one’s own actions.  That ought to put him completely at odds with Obama, but who knows?  Cognitive dissonance for him, or for me, I suppose.

    But in my opinion, the Game of Thrones books are quite conservative when it comes to individualism and personal responsibility.

  • Jose

    I like Martin’s older stuff, like Nightflyers, but was barely able to finish the first book in the GoT series.  It was just too dark.
    I never knew his political leanings, but just skimmed his bio in Wikipedia.  How disappointing.

  • Libby

    I’ve enjoyed the GoT books except for the 4th one. Martin’s quote is why I avoid reading author’s blogs and twitter streams, such as John Scalzi and Neil Gaiman. As long as they’re not inserting political jokes/hit jobs (like the random Bush/Cheney/Pailn jabs that pop up all the time in TV and movies), I’ll continue reading them.

  • jj

    I don’t give a warm fart on a wet Wednesday about this Martin guy, of whom I’ve vaguely sort of heard – I think; unless I’m confusing him with someone else, which is entirely possible.  He is what he is, and nobody except his wife, I suppose, actually has to listen to him.  She’s stuck, but she did it to herself so not much sympathy.
    But the astonishing thing is the comments on his dopey little blog.  I read the first page or so of comments, and it isn’t hopeful reading for anyone who cares about the future of the country, or of the society.  These people say – and evidently genuinely believe – the goddamedest things you can imagine about politics in general and republicans in particular.  They truly do believe this bullshit, and stop about an inch short of asserting that republicans steal babies from their beds, in order to fricassee and eat them.  For example, some female commenter who evidently lives in Florida asserts that republicans have been trying to suppress the vote there for years.  Now, I would have bet that any sentient being would have been perfectly aware that the republicans in Florida have spent the last three decades trying to make certain that everyone there gets a fair shake, and every vote in Florida is counted.  Only once, true; but counted.  And has tried very hard to make certain that the votes of the military, of whom there are many in Florida, were counted.  (They are, after all, the ones with “skin in the game” as Jugears is fond of saying – maybe they should be the only ones allowed to vote.)  That is the historical fact, for Florida – and elsewhere.  (Regrettably, that’s history – not bullshit, but history) From just about everywhere it demonstrates that it is now and has always been democraps who do not wish to insure that all votes count.  And yet this woman believes her assertion to the core, will fight to the bitter death for it, and will go to her grave believing it.
    So something like Martin’s blog is illuminating – and depressing as hell.  Because he makes a series of witless assertions that he evidently sincerely believes, and the chorus chimes in to remind him he’s brilliant, agree wholeheartedly, point out examples of republican perfidy and manipulations of the process etc., etc.  And you realize, it isn’t just Pelosi who’s certifiable, these people are all over the place.  There are tens of thousands of them: brain-damaged beyond recall.  What do you do with them?  They sincerely believe that republicans are the behind-the-scenes manipulators, who want to kick granny out into the streets, try to steal elections, and have zero regard for the truth.  They believe this, despite that there is absolutely no evidence to believe it, and despite that it is absolutely the province of the democraps who do all the above as a matter of routine.  They believe it to their bones, and there’s nothing that you can do to reach them, and shove even one tiny fact up their fundaments.  What do you – does any society – do with them?  A mawkish and sentimental legislature won’t let you just kill them and hope for a better crop next time, so what do you – knowing that they will take us all down – do?
    I find things like Martin’s blog genuinely terrifying.  Not because of anything he says, he is what he is; but because of the witless chiming of the chorus.  It’s very, very dismaying that there are so many of them, and we let them vote.  I’ll take Jay Leno’s idiots any day, there may perhaps be hope for some of them.  For this other bunch, none.  There is no bomb smart enough to penetrate with a fact.

  • Midknight

    My first exposure to Martin was a SF short later anthologized as part of “Tuff Voyaging”. I liked it well enough that 10 years ago I tried to give Game of Thrones a chance. All I can say is that while I can see that he only skirts the edge of nihilism – good and evil are not interchanged or made pointless  – watching what happens to the Starks in the first book (all the way through Ned getting killed, after bran is paralyzed) was horribly painful. Too dark for me to continue.  

  • Danny Lemieux

    “…the most intelligent president since Jimmy Carter”? Invincible ignorance!

  • David Foster

    Disappointing and disturbing. I haven’t read or watched Game of Thrones, but I have read a much earlier Martin short story: “The Way of Cross and Dragon,” which is clearly inspired by the Grand Inquisitor sequence in The Brothers Karamazov. I thought it was very well done.

    We should have a discussion thread on the sources of the emotional/intellectual appeal of “progressivism” and how, if at all, these factors can be countered.