1. Oldflyer says

    I recognize the syndrome. 
    Then I think of my 16 year old twin grandchildren.  He runs cross country and track; and has played high school soccer.  She plays club soccer, high school soccer,  and runs track.  This summer she has been drawn into the XC posse; although 9 mile training runs–in the mountains–may never be her idea of fun.
    Oh, and then there is the school work, but we won’t go into that.  Even a grandfather has limits.
    So, I am bragging shamelessly.  Still, when I go to their events and practices I see dozens, sometime hundreds, of kids doing the same.  It really makes me feel good about the future, despite the obvious problems.

  2. Mike Devx says

    I especially liked “people exposed to stupidity in their own homes.  Hear the debate, about second-hand stupidity…”

    This was funny!

    “The unexamined life is not worth living”


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