Just a little warning to be careful if you see liquid-filled bottles — it could be a Drano bomb

If we lived in Israel, we’d always assume that liquid-filled bottles are dangerous.  In America, though, if we find one in our yard, our first thought is almost certainly going to be “garbage.”  And our second thought will be “kids.”

As it happens, the second thought is probably correct, but there’s a chance that the bottle isn’t garbage, it’s a “Drano bomb.”  These have been around for a while, but the internet makes it easier for kids to figure out how to make them, without helping the kids to understand how dangerous they are.  Here’s the scoop, direct from Snopes, warning that a plastic bottle, Drano, and some aluminum foil are sufficient to create a bomb that, when moved even slightly, will spew boiling liquid with explosive force.  The unlucky recipients of these Drano bombs have lost fingers and eyes, and been terribly scarred.  If you find a suspicious bottle that looks swollen or melted in any way, don’t touch it.  Instead, call the police.


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  • jj

    One presumes this isn’t one of your paid posts, from Drano.

  • JKB

    We in the US don’t realize what a bubble we live in.  Back in the ’90s, a girl I’d met in Hawaii wrote me from visiting her family in England.  She casually related how she planned to visit London but getting around would be difficult because the IRA were on a terr.  

    Shortly after 9/11, while living in suburban Maryland, I returned home one evening.  As I stepped right in front of my apartment door, my foot crunched something.  My mind went to those thin glass vials often inside another that you break to mix two chemicals such as in the Cyalume light sticks.  Nothing untoward happened but given the recent events, for a split second, I had that just stepped on a land mine feeling.  Upon further thought I felt the delivering a chemical or biological agent that way would be relatively ineffective, didn’t do much to salve the feeing of my unawareness even at my threshold having done me in.  On the other hand, I did listen to a news report on the radio about a reported suspicious green substance found along a sidewalk curb.  It was found to be guacamole.

  • MacG

    Thanks Book..  I sent this to several of my friends that are in the property clean up biz