Giving you the heads up that I’ll be trying to make a little more money off the blog

Y’all know that, for some years, I’ve been trying to monetize this blog.  I started off with some small advertisements (see sidebar), put up a Pay Pal link for donations (see sidebar), and then went to bigger advertisements (see sidebar too).  I’ve also done that irritating things where some corporate computer algorithm highlights various words in my posts.

Part of me hates the visual clutter all this stuff creates, but I have to admit it works.  I haven’t seen a lot of money come in, but I’ve seen some money come in, and it’s just enough to make the clutter worthwhile.

I’m now embarking on another monetizing enterprise, which is that I’m signing up with blog programs that promise to hook me up with advertisers who are really to pay for posts (i.e., sponsored posts).  Because I care deeply about my reputation as a blogger, I want to promise you that I will never sneak paid advertising into a post.

I consider it “sneaky” even if I note somewhere else on the blog, other than in the post itself, that I’m getting paid for writing posts).  If I get a paid opportunity to write about something that interests me, I will seize that opportunity — and fully disclose to you the fact that I am getting paid for the post.  Do not expect my blog suddenly to turn into an advertisers’ forum.  If I write more than one of these posts per week, I’d be very surprised.  However, if this does really turn into a serious gig, I might turn a dedicated page in my blog over to sponsored posting — and I’d let you know about that too.

Anyway, I mention this now for two reasons.  First, as part of my sign-up with, I have to confirm that I own this blog, and I do so by including in a post this sentence:  Why does the neighborhood buck?   (Sounds vaguely obscene, doesn’t it?)  Second, with luck, I may start getting some interested advertisers sooner, rather than later, so I thought I’d give you the heads up now.  Wish me luck.  It’s high time that I start earning some money with my writing.