War’s enablers

So why would the Obama administration overtly lie about what transpired in Libya?

Because, on the anniversary of 9/11, Al Qaeda won a “battle” and this administration could only pretend otherwise.

What most of the pundit media seems to have missed, including the inestimable Mark Steyn and John Bolton, is that it isn’t just that fact that the Obama Administration’s foreign policy has failed but that they have effectively reversed years of successes against our declared enemies won through blood, sweat and tears. Under George Bush, we vowed to hunt Al Qaeda down to the ends of the earth. There would be no rock or cave in the world under or in which they could hid from us. We would find them and we did find them. In appreciated, GW Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were excoriated. Today, after 3-1/2 years of Obama’s foreign policy delusions, Al Qaeda has been resurgent and, on September 11th, they scored an important “victory”.

I don’t blame Obama and his acolytes. They are what they are. I do blame those people who voted them in that actually believed, after 9/11, that we could simply pretend our enemies away with fluffy speeches, acquiescence to their demands and the freeing of Al Qaeda prisoners. Today our enemies are resurgent and, with the help of the Obama administration, empowered. Not just our enemies in the Middle East, but those in the Pacific as well.

It looks like those people who spent the first decade braying “no more war!” have pretty much guaranteed that we will face war for decades to come. Whether we have the collective national will to survive, crush our enemies and win, only time and events will tell.

The Obama administration couldn’t tell the truth. To do so would require that they admit that the GW Bush Administration was right and that they were horribly, horribly wrong.

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  • Oldflyer

    I believe it was Limbaugh who said (paraphrasing from memory):  “The Republic can possibly survive another four years of Obama, but may not survive a population who would vote to re-elect him.”


    Just as equaling disturbing is that Obama has the full backing of the press. How does half the electorate – half a country survive as a whole. With that brief comment, a quote and a very good article.

    We are in a depression. The only reason the government achieves any plausible deniability with their assertions that “we are not in a depression” is by comparing the “obvious” visuals: we “don’t have bread lines” like they did in the 1930s. No. No, we don’t. Because the “bread lines” of today are concealed electronically.


  • Oldflyer

    Good point Sadie.  Today’s food stamps, or whatever they are euphemistically called now, are the ’30s bread lines.  Much tidier.  Much more politically digestible.


    Oldflyer, I wish I had penned the phrase – “electronic bread lines”. The cards are called EBT (electronic benefit transfer).  The story that sticks dealt with a drug dealer who used his EBT card for bail money (((sigh))) another fabulous government program with little to non-existent oversight.

  • Mike Devx

    Lots of thoughts, but they’re too depressing for me to inflict them on you all.  Just a bit: As Oldflyer said, we may not survive a population that reelects Obama.  Obama is in many ways just the symptom.

    There were Dark Ages in the early 1000’s, which means that what came before the Dark Ages was better than the Dark Ages.  Civilization declined.

    Do not fool yourselves.  It *can* happen again.  There is nothing in this world that guarantees that civilization will continue an uninterrupted rise.  I look around me at the state of the world, at the state of America and its people.  Too many of the American people seem determined to throw away their freedom and liberty.  And the rest of the world seems worse.

    Dang, I said too much.  Oh well, just ignore me.

  • Danny Lemieux

    The world will regret the passing of the Pax Americana they despised, MikeD. Of that I am sure.

  • Libby

    Those vocal anti-war activists shut up on Jan 20, 2009, showing that they were more anti-Bush than anti-war. And some of them, such as Code Pink’s Jodie Evans, have actually thrown in with the Palestinians & have participated in anti-Israel activities abroad (see:Muslim “Day of Rage” 2011). They have this strange idea that America will be better off when it is no longer a super power, and seem incapable of understanding that when a terrorist attacks the U.S. they don’t vet the potential victims for party affiliation.

  • Alix

    The Administration’s ability to lie and deceive about Libya might be coming to an end.  Check out the email exchanges between Hillary’s close State Dept aide and Michael Hastings.  Hastings is a BuzzFeed reporter who used to be a Rolling Stone and Newsweek.  He was the one who embedded with Gen McChrystal and wrote that behind the scenes story that forced the Gen to resign.  So Hastings is not a conservative and is respected.  He sounds mad and ready to blow it all up and get to the bottom of it!


    Sorry for the language in the piece.  I really think this might be important.