A peripatetic Muslim tries to eat her cake and have it

I tried posting yesterday but, every time I got within striking distance of my computer, someone in the house would set up a plaintive cry, desperate for my company (or, more usually, my services).  Anyhoo…

If I had posted yesterday, I would have linked to this story that Navy One investigated, about a Muslim beauty who displays two very different sides to her personality, depending upon her location within the United States.

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  • USMaleSF

    I am not at a loss for words. Just words that I can print.

    These aliens don’t belong here.

    If I were King of America, there’d be expulsions on a scale that would make Ferdinand and Isabella seem like liberals. 

  • Charles Martel

    One of the arrangements that used to bind this country together, no longer spoken about or defended, is that you check the most vile elements of your Old Country culture at the door when you enter America. If you were a Pole who got off on pogroms against Jews, you had to shed that hobby on U.S. soil. If you were a Mexican who thought that corruption is a natural way of life, you were encouraged to unlearn that habit once you fled your crappy mess of a mother country. 

    But times have changed. Members of primitive, sometimes semi-savage, cultures like the Somali or Hmong, must be cosseted in their atavism. So you have women like this young Somali who know how to game two cultures at once.
    See, this is a very clever way of her having her cake and eating it too within her culture. Somali culture is a variant of Arab Muslim culture, which means it has a built-in antipathy toward women. If you are a good looking, Americanized Somali, what better way to safely indulge your acquired Yankee taste for notoriety and celebrity than by fervently and earnestly taking up the cause of your oppressed community? Who’s going to protest against a brave Somali girl taking on the bad, diversity-hating Christian racists?

  • Libby

    Is she a hypocrite or has she become radicalized? Her MySpace hasn’t been updated in a few years. Not that this would make her actions any better, it would mean that she’s hooked up with a crowd in ME that not only perpetuates its Somali cultural ties, but is actively converting those who had previously assimilated.

  • NavyOne

    Libby, I think it is the first. I am no expert on fingernails, but hers look glamorous to me.

    Thanks, Book, for the link!