Monday quick links

Wrapping up a project that’s already taken me too long, so I’ve promised myself no blogging until it’s done.  Meanwhile, here are some quick links:

Explaining the Obama fundraising scandal.

Cities can’t support themselves?  Never mind.  Force suburban homeowners to pay for them.  It’s all good with the Obama administration.

This is funny even if you don’t know the movie Aliens, from which all the quotes are drawn.

Since the President still seems to be unclear on the concept, yet another effort to explain to him why, yes, you did build that.

I have no idea who Buzz Bissinger is, but he’s famous, he’s a lifetime liberal, and he’s had the courage to go on record as a Romney supporter in this election.  Good for him!

The Watcher invited The Weekend Monkey to take a stab at guessing the outcome of the upcoming Senate elections.  I had no idea how smart monkeys could be.

As a lawyer, the worst thing your opponent can throw at you isn’t a good argument, it’s a dishonest argument.  Paul Ryan, who will be up against Joe Biden, has to take into account the fact that Biden operates in a completely alternate reality.  No amount of pre-debate preparation can fully prepare you for a dishonest opponent’s fervid imagination.  So I’ll leave you with this clip, which I hope Ryan is studying: