Watcher’s Council results for October 19, 2012

The Council has spoken, and it is good.  It’s always good:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  • Mike Devx

    Not much going on, two weeks and three days before the election.

    I keep waiting for the nasty Obama October Surprise to rear its pustulous, weeping-sore ridden, cancerous head.  So far, no October Surprise!

    ne hears rumors that Gloria Allred is going to lead a last-ditch effort to smear Romney with an allegation.  It will certainly be in the arena of the “War On Women” and will involve an attack based on something he said or did that could me construed as provocative.  Will she actually do it?  And will it be a 100% fabrication, or just something so dubious and unworthy that it would be laughed out of any courtroom?  Because if they had anything even remotely credible, they’d have launched it before now.

    But it’s not about what is remotely credible.  It’s about what might cast just a smidgin of doubt in the minds of say, 5% of female voters in swing states.  If they’re going to try it, they’re not going to wait for the weekend of Nov 3rd.  It has to come out by this Friday.  And trust me, this Chicago-bred political team will lie.  Because they will do ANYTHING.

    There’s also rumbling on Obama and a secret appeasement deal with Iran.  Can’t have that conflict with the Gloria Allred Comedy Hour.  It may be a one-two punch:  Just after the debate on Monday, the Iran announcement on Tuesday.  The mainstream media goes all in on the story for three days, extolling the virtues of the Great Appeaser.  Followed on Friday by Gloria Allred’s The War On Women Whopper Wowzapalooza.  With a whole week and a half of breathless mainstream media Romney bashing, regardless of anything remotely resembling the truth.

    These are rumors right now, like thunder over the horizon.  We’ll know a lot more after the next seven days.  But if they do pull these two rabbits out of their hat, it will be a sure sign of frantic desperation; a sign that internal polling shows they are headed over the cliff.  The Gloria Allred Gambit is really risky; they probably won’t use it if Obama does really well in the final debate and shows in the subsequent days that he’s going to hold his own.  But any sign of further slippage, and look out.

    On the other hand, it may not matter.  I haven’t mentioned the Tea Party in a while, but you can be sure I haven’t forgotten about them.  The Left has severely underestimated them all along, and I think they’re doing it again.  This is their first attempt to exercise an effect in a Presidential Election year; are they savvy enough yet to do it effectively, or do they need the bitter lessons learned from an inaugural (rookie) effort?  In any case, they are practically underground, almost completely invisible, and unaccounted for.  Many of these people are highly effective in their professional business lives, and they’re used to making solid decisions and very very clear strategic and tactical thinking.

    It’s going to be a fascinating election evening.  I’m not making any predictions yet.