Pigs are flying — Jewish newspaper endorses Republican

The editor of a Jewish newspaper — let me repeat: a Jewish newspaper — has endorsed a Republican.  Because we’re discussing Jews, it may be wrong to analogize this to pigs flying, but I guess it’s okay as long as we’re not eating those pigs for breakfast.

I was at a luncheon today (see below) and was asked, as I often am given that I’m a Jewish conservative:  “How can Jews support Obama?”  It’s an excellent question, and an extremely tough one to answer.  The easiest statement, although also the hardest to analyze, is that Jews have substituted the Democrat Party platform for Torah.  They ostensibly give obeisance to the God of Abraham, but their true God is Progressive politics. 

However, Jews do not forget the Holocaust, and they do not forget that Israel does what Jews have not done since Roman times:  Israel fights back.  To the extent that Obama seems determined to clip Israel’s wings to a fatal extent, leaving her grounded as predators circle, touches something visceral in those Jews who have not drunk too deeply from the political Kool-Aid.  There is hope.

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  • JohnC

    Interestingly enough Daniel Greenfield has an detailed post on just this topic today:
    The Jewish and Post-Jewish Vote 
    It seems to be getting a lot of discussion from his readers.