Washington Post doesn’t like it when people disagree with it

Over at Breitbart, they noticed something interesting:  The Washington Post scrubbed positive reviews for the moving Hating Breitbart (which, predictably enough, the WaPo hated).  Now, there may be a good reason for this type of censorship but., so far, the WaPo hasn’t offered one.  That is, it hasn’t offered a good reason.  Instead, it claims that the reviews disappeared because the WaPo updated the review to add show times — which sounds right, but it seems that the reviews disappeared long before the update.  Go figure, right?

Oh, and speaking of media censorship (by which I mean the media censoring news, rather than government censoring media), the Anchoress has a suitably fact-filled and outraged post about the way the media is trying desperately to ignore the Benghazi story, all the while hollering “Squirrel!” with regard to a pro-Life candidate who made — gasp! — pro-Life statements.