Washington Post doesn’t like it when people disagree with it

Over at Breitbart, they noticed something interesting:  The Washington Post scrubbed positive reviews for the moving Hating Breitbart (which, predictably enough, the WaPo hated).  Now, there may be a good reason for this type of censorship but., so far, the WaPo hasn’t offered one.  That is, it hasn’t offered a good reason.  Instead, it claims that the reviews disappeared because the WaPo updated the review to add show times — which sounds right, but it seems that the reviews disappeared long before the update.  Go figure, right?

Oh, and speaking of media censorship (by which I mean the media censoring news, rather than government censoring media), the Anchoress has a suitably fact-filled and outraged post about the way the media is trying desperately to ignore the Benghazi story, all the while hollering “Squirrel!” with regard to a pro-Life candidate who made — gasp! — pro-Life statements.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    My doofus boxer, Baxter, is fond of suddenly stopping on our walks to stare at the spot where he saw a squirrel two or three months ago.
    I know he’s wasting his time, but he doesn’t know that I know. That’s why I’m the master. I know when to tug on his leash and say, “Let’s go. There’s nothing here.”

  2. Danny Lemieux says

    Hammer, are you sure that you didn’t mean to say,

    “My doofus Barbara, Boxer, is fond of suddenly stopping on our walks to stare at the spot where she saw a squirrel two or three months ago.”

    It’s OK, I’m getting more and more dyslexic myself, in my old age. 

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