An ad that invites parodies

I hadn’t yet posted about the Lena Dunham ad, which just seemed too stupid to acknowledge, which is why I’m not linking to it here.  After all, I’d prefer not to sully my blog with videos that liken voting for Obama to losing ones virginity.  Frankly, maybe because I’m a mature, sentient human being, I don’t find the ad enticing so much as I find it really icky.

Not linking to the ad, though, doesn’t mean not linking to the parodies.  This one, from Steve Crowder, is too good to pass up:

Hat tip: Power Line

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  • NancyB

    Nothing to add – just Hilarious!!! The lights are on but nobody’s home!!!

  • JKB

    Never Yet Melted has the Putin ad that was the inspiration.  The girl is at the fortune teller.  The cards reveal Putin.  The fortune teller says “You’ll be happy with him. Safe as houses.”

    Fits Obama.  Safe as houses.

  • el gordo

    Brilliant. Crowder nailed it, and not for the first time. 

  • bkivey

    I haven’t seen the ad. Now, I don’t have to.

  • Libby

    Crowder’s is the best response – Dunham & Obama should be mocked endlessly for this ad. Hollywood has been selling Dunham as the voice of her generation and now she’s being roundly rejected.
    I’m directing my outrage at the increasingly disgusting Benghazi story.

  • Mike Devx

    Oh Book, you are just so gosh darn dang doggedly doggity *negative*.   It must be because YOUR first time was with Carter, not with the transcendant, God-like Obama he-for-Whom-alll-Glories-must be preserved.

    Your seas would have risen, your global warming would have known no bounds, your supervolcanos would all have erupted.  Your watched pots would all have boiled, and the stitch in time would have saved eighteen.



    Lena Dunham – any relationship to Stanley Ann?


    Hitler describes his first time …

  • Earl

    Sadie:  Am I the only one who finds that completely incoherent?  Ah well.
    Book: I watched that Crowder video a few days ago, and found it really distasteful.  Sorry…perhaps the “real one” is worse, but your blog is better than this kind of thing. Not to get all judgmental on you, or anything.

  • Mike Devx

    I finally ran across the original Lena Dunham ad.  I was left speechless for quite a while.  I still don’t know, really, what to say.  What amazes me is that it is directly supported by the Obama campaign.

    All I can come up with to say to Ms. Lena Dunham is, “Sure, you can make such a weird, bizarre video, if you wish… but will anyone respect you in the morning?”

  • Mike Devx

    There is another video out there, ‘The Children Of America’.  A very somber gaggle of young children are singing a dirge full of left-wing propaganda to the camera.  A lot of justified disgust is being hurled at this video.

    But don’t blame those poor kids.  Their vacant stares are actually caused by trying to follow the lyrics, either printed on big poster boards for them or on a teleprompter.

    Blame their parents.  What  in the HELL is wrong with their parents, to so blatantly use their own children for such a purpose?  Even if those poor kids went along with it agreeably (“You do want to save the polar bears, don’t you, little Jeannie?”), they don’t really know what they’re doing.

    I imagine their parents, standing off to the side, out of camera, beaming beatific smiles as their children spout this propaganda.  It chills me.  I’m struck by the horrible wrongness of it.  I just don’t understand what their parents, those supposed adults, are thinking.

  • Bookworm


    It is icky — very.  I was willing to accept that ickiness, though, because the Dunham ad is so appalling that the only way to attack it is the Alinsky way, which is ridicule.  Dunham’s arguments are not amenable to logic.  This is a visceral ad that attempts to appeal to and encourage young people’s worst instincts.  Crowder really attacked it the only way possible, which was to unfold all the unseemliness hiding behind Dunham’s coy presentation.

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