We have met the enemy and it is us — the administration cold-bloodedly leaves Americans to die *UPDATED*

The more I have a chance to digest today’s news stories, the more I am struck by how unbelievably tragic the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi seem today, even more so than they did on September 11.  On that day, smart people suspected that al Qaeda had struck again.  To the extent four men died, we pointed to the enemy and said, “They’re evil.  They killed Americans based upon a politico-religious ideal that loathes individual freedom, capitalism, women, Jews, homosexuals, and Christians.”  I felt ugly chills run up and down my spine when I saw the picture of those desperate, bloody fingerprints smeared on the wall, but I still knew who the enemy was, and it wasn’t us.

Today, though, I’ve learned that we have met the enemy and it is us — or, at least, some among us.  Nobody had to die in Benghazi.  For seven hours, Woods and Doherty called for help, but no help came.  Help was in reach.  The administration was watching events on satellite, Woods and Doherty were calling in details, and there were nearby support forces.  But the administration sat tight and let those men die, while Obama slept before heading off to Vegas for cash.

The heartbreak of all of this is that four dynamic lives were snuffed out so senselessly.  The horror is that they died because our government decided that going in would be bad for the elections and, therefore, that it was better to cover up the truth than to save American lives.

Because the media has given up it’s job as an independent fact-finder on behalf of the American people, the administration might have gotten away with this cover-up if it hadn’t done two stupid things:  (1) blame the intelligence community for the administration’s despicable decision-making and (2) tried to set Bill Clinton up as a scapegoat for Obama’s probable election loss.  Attacking the intelligence community resulted in today’s leaked story (which Wolf Howling analyzes with incredible care), while targeting Bill prompted leaks from the Clinton camp holding that Obama had previously nixed additional security in Libya.

Bruce Kesler, a veteran of the Vietnam War (which was another combat situation that saw Democrats abandon innocents to their death), says that this latest episode should be proof-positive that Democrats cannot defend America:

The cumulative evidence is now evident to all with even bad eyesight that Benghazi is sad proof of what conservative critics have been saying for the past four years, that President Obama, his appointees and administration lack the dedication, insight and guts to defend the United States honorably or resolutely.

Democrats were known as the Party of national security weakness for a generation after their betrayal of South Vietnam and Jimmy Carter’s callowness in the face of the Iranian radicals. Aging memories, war tiredness, and big lies from the Obama administration managed to recover some national security credibility.

(Read the rest of Bruce’s analysis here.)

Maybe because I’m one of those excitable, hormonal women CNN wrote about (and then ran away from), I would go further than Bruce did in indicting both the Democrats and the administration for being weak on national security.  If today’s report is to be believed, the administration was not just guilty of mismanagement.

What happened in Benghazi was an act of war against the American people — but not just an al Qaeda act of war, as the administration, quite belatedly, would have us believe.  It was also an Obama act of war.  In other words, Obama was speaking from the heart when he made his little slip during the third debate and said “this nation, me.”  To Obama, the nation is not Americans, their hopes, dreams, economic interests, and security.  To Obama, the nation is — Obama.  And when the American people get in the way of the Obama Nation-State, the American people have to go.  What Obama did was an abandonment of his Constitutional responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief and as our nation’s chief executive.  Our president has become the American Fifth Column.

Let me borrow a line from the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign:  “It’s time for them to go.  It’s time for them to go.  It’s time for them to go.”

UPDATE:  Both Blackfive and General David Petraeus make clear that the orders on this one came from the top.  (HT:  Ace of Spades)

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  • Rick Z

    As a Vietnam veteran myself, it is very easy to imagine micromanaging appointees in and out of uniform thousands of miles away making real-time life-or-death decisions based on a toxic combination of wishful thinking and political calculus regardless of party.

    The wishful thinking comes into play when the decision makers are so convinced that rules of engagement imposed from above will in any way influence the actions of enemies sworn to our destruction. 

  • NancyB


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  • Mike Devx

    I think Americans are very forgiving of a stupid mistake, as long as you admit it up front.

    They are not as forgiving of a cover-up.  It’s never the initial mistake that gets you; it’s always the lies and deceit and cover-up afterwards.

    Who knows *why* Obama refused to allow military intervention to save the lives of our four Americans in Benghazi?  I don’t think he *wanted* them to die.  

    Was it just SOP that the Libyan military was by agreement supposed to intervene, and for whatever reason – even a nefarious one? – didn’t intervene?  And the Obama regime simply sat on its ass, watching its own Americans die, due to a severely flawed agreement with one of Obama’s beloved Muslim governments? 

    After all, we already KNOW that Obama’s administration wanted our Marines to carry rifles but be completely unarmed – no bullets!  I am sure the prospect of sending in our military forces to save American lives would cause Obama to shudder in revulsion.  Never send in the military, that would be a violation of the Muslims’ sovereignty!  And so they watched while their own Americans died.

    That’s one reason Obama was likely to refuse military aid to our people, causing their deaths.  It would have offended the Muslims.  No wonder he and his people chose to cover it up, blaming instead the stupid video.  I guess they made the cold-hearted political judgment that they could cover it up for two months until after the election.

    Remember this is an Administration known for its disgust for the military.  Remember how Obama (and Valerie Jarrett) almost stopped the operation to assassinate Osama bin Laden.  Very similar to this!  They hemmed and hawed for eight hours there, too, before reluctantly agreeing to go after bin Laden.  But after eight hours this time, our people were already DEAD.

    One of the true facts in the very good movie Argo is that Jimmy Carter tried to cancel that rescue operation at the very last moment.  It would certainly have resulted in the deaths of nine people had Carter’s vacillation and weakness been allowed to play out.  Now we see Obama’s vacillation and weakness play out, and yes, this time Americans did die.

    There’s some sign that some of the American people are understanding this.  And they are NOT liking it one bit.  Watch the President’s ‘favorability’ ratings over the next week.  They’ve been at or close to 50% for weeks, not moving very much – until the last day or two.  They have begun to move downward.


  • https://picasaweb.google.com/102427392960537405774 Kevin_B
  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I told you guys before that Obama gets a big fat smile on his face whenever Americans die, are tortured, or suffer horribly. I got the sense that not “everyone” agreed with that sentiment. But the nice thing about the Left is that their evil is all encompassing, to the point where if you “can’t imagine it”, you won’t have to, because they’ll show it to you. They’ll do it without me lifting a finger to convince anyone of anything.

    The truth will out, if only because not even the greatest illusionist and liar can reattach the head of a dead guy and convince us he is after all alive, after we have already cut that head off. 

     Dead is dead. I don’t have to say anything. You all know it yourself, or will, in due time.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Left was very correct in saying that government politicians engineered various false flag operations like 9/11. They were just talking about themselves, of course.

    And you all will know it is true, whether you like it or not. Time will out the very essence of destruction and evil, whether you, I, or they like it or not.

    Only when Americans understand the essence of truth behind what the Left said about America is only and ever true of the Left, will Americans be eligible for “salvation”. Until you know the enemy for who they are, you think you can win? That wasn’t true of Islamic terrorists. Nor is it going to be true of American terrorists.

  • Cheesestick

    “Ymarsakar:  The Left was very correct in saying that government politicians engineered various false flag operations like 9/11. ”

    And like Fast & Furious.  

    That was the first time I experienced that actual, physical cold chill that comes over you when you realize the enemy is “us”.   I knew from the minute I heard about the guns being sent to Mexico and not being tracked that it was intentional and meant to confirm earlier (false) statements by the Obama admin.  This latest incident is not so hard to believe when you think of the human toll resulting from fast & furious (which has largely been obscured from us because the majority of the victims are Mexicans).  It should also not be shocking from a man who would not even vote to protect infants who were born ALIVE after a botched abortion.  Obama is nothing if not consistent. 

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