Bill Whittle’s appeal to those who intend to stand on principle and vote for a third party or not vote at all

Bill Whittle explains very clearly why it’s a mistake in this election for those who dislike Obama to a protest vote for a third party, or not vote at all, in order to protest the fact that Republicans are so far from perfect.  It’s a principled stand, certainly, but it is also one that denies the dangerous reality associated with a second Obama term:

If you are thinking of sitting out this election, or casting a protest vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul, please watch this video and think very seriously about whether this particular election is the one on which to take a stand.  And if you know someone who is thinking of sitting this one out, or throwing away a vote, please suggest that they watch this video.

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  • Oldflyer

    I just do not agree that it is a principled stand to withhold the vote, or waste it on someone with no chance to unseat Obama.  If anything it is childish, and that is the kindest term I can use.
    Anyone who recognizes the direction that Obama and his merry Statists intend to go with this country, and yet withholds the vote from Romney earns no respect from me.  I know that Romney doesn’t fit every template, but he has demonstrated  his humanity, his principles, his intelligence,  his ability to lead toward positive results, and his steadfastness under pressure.  What more do we want in a President?  Oh, I know Ms Noonan; you want Ronald Reagan, who was never exactly the Ronald Reagan you remember.  Neither the real nor the mythical Reagan is available.  Vote for the man who is closest to him.
    Had a conversation with a genuine right wing nut the other day.  I don’t think he really is a nut, but he is so doctrinaire that there is no room for any compromise at all. I would like to agree with him on most issues in principle, but shake my head at his unwillingness to accept that in order to govern this country, a politician simply has to make some accommodations sometime.  I think that is the inherent nature of a democracy or Representative Republic.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m definitely voting for Romney this time.  I have actually become more impressed by him as the months have gone by.  A year ago I was in the “Anybody but Romney” camp among the GOP candidates.  He might do many very good things; then again, he might end up being a squish.

    However, every four years I become more disenchanted with the GOP itself.  If that keeps up, there will come a time when I refuse to vote for them anymore.  But this is not that time.