Four years of October surprises

Pile enough misery on people without actually killing them, and they get somewhat inured to it.  That’s how poor people in Third World countries can survive living on garbage dumps or in areas that lack any semblance of sanitation.  Zombie posits that we haven’t had an Obama-damaging October surprise in this election because the endless trickle of bad Obama news over the past three and three-quarter years has meant that “we’re all scandaled out.”  If you doubt this, check out Zombie’s staggering laundry list of Obama-connected events that would have been touted as earth-shattering scandals had Obama been a Republican.  Because Obama is a Democrat, and an enlightened being,  however, they were presented to the American people as either non-events or business-as-usual.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Well, the Left will always reach into their rabbit hate for something more evil, more vile, and more inhumane than anyone else, including me, has ever imagined. I count on them to do so, for what else powers the might of righteous justice anyways.

  • Ymarsakar

    You cannot know light without deep darkness. And you cannot understand the true nature of Good without seeing the true nature of Evil.