Practical suggestions for bypassing the media and getting the conservative message out

My forte is spotting problems, not finding solutions.  Thankfully, when I put out a call for suggestions, many of you responded.  This post sets out practical list ways to get conservative messaging past the media gatekeepers that so effectively insulted Romney, praised Obama, and squelched or promoted news stories depending upon whether they help or hurt Obama.  The media is a giant roadblock that we have to (a) plow through; (b) climb over; and (c) go around.  I’ll begin with multiple suggestions from my good friend Lulu, who is both fired-up and creative.  Then I’ll move on to all of your practical suggestions.

From Lulu:

Perhaps we can do a little community organizing ourselves.  There is no question that people like conservative ideas. I see them constantly in my (parenting) workshops with nodding heads all around when I make conservative points, regardless of ethnicity and, presumably, political affiliation. People agree because what I say is common sense and people don’t realize the ideas are conservative.

The following are my ideas but, as you read them, remember that the key thing with these, or any other ideas, is to act quickly.  We have very little time to educate Americans at the grass-roots level.  The Left patiently worked for 60 years to reeducate Americans.  We have to work faster.  This means that, if you know of a person or organization with money and an interest in conservative causes, we must move immediately to go beyond intellectual think tanks and blogs that preach mostly to the choir.

Step 1:  Rebrand ourselves.  Abandon the name Conservative and change it to something that correctly identifies our principles while defying Leftist insults.  Some suggestions are Realists, Common Sense Party, Constitution Party.  Let’s have a contest, with the winning name going to Reince Priebus.  More than that, starting immediately, we should identify ourselves with this new name and leave “Conservative” behind. By the way, my favorite is “Realist,” because it implies the other side is Utopian and fantasy based, which it is.

Step 2:  Take good ideas to people with deep pockets.  People like the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson are deeply committed to core conservative ideas.  Too often, though, they have a traditional approach to spending their money.  The Kochs, for example, keep supporting NPR shows.  Other rich conservatives endow universities that loath conservative ideas.  We need to contact wealthy conservatives and pitch them on ways to spend their money that will shift the paradigm.  No conservative should ever buy another wing for Harvard or Yale, or for any other organization that is antithetical to core constitutional, realistic, free-market values.

Step 3:  Create an all new cable channel, something that is best done with help from a wealthy conservative donor.  One of the things that would be a great gift to America from wealth conservatives would be a new cable channel that isn’t specifically identified as “conservative” or “Christian.”  Instead, it would just be a new entertainment channel with fun, funny, exciting programming that, merely coincidentally, entices people with core values and ideas.  Remember, the existing entertainment industry has done this on TV since the late 1950s when it started slipping Progressive ideas into shows that were ostensibly “mere” entertainment.

We need a new cable channel devoted all day to Realist principles.  Importantly, it cannot claim to be or call itself Christian or Conservative, since that will instantly drive away those we’re trying to educate. Instead, it’s got to be all about entertainment, with values slipped in like a bitter pill buried in a sweet.

A wonderful thing to do would be talk shows (a la Oprah or The View) with women, conservative gays, minorities, etc., as the hosts.  These shows would be all heart and deal with people’s day-to-day realities, just as Oprah did.  The difference would be that the lovingly-given solutions and messages would focus on individualism, personal responsibility and other tried-and-true core values, rather than on Big Government, finger-pointing, and identity politics.

The cable channel could also have reality shows.  One idea would be a show called “The American Immigrant,” which could have inspiring stories about people from all over the world who came to America and made it through their own efforts.  This type of show would emphasize a core American identity that rises above race, country of origin, religion, and sexual orientation, thereby fighting the diversity cascade that has left America so fragmented.

Another show, which would be a great daytime show, would be a parenting program with solutions that fall back on old-fashioned principles, such as personal responsibility, honor, hard work, etc.  No one involved in the show would breathe the word “conservative,” but traditional values would inform its parenting ideas and solutions.

Another reality show might focus on American philanthropy, at home and abroad.  Watching an hour about the good work of Operation Smile or Smile Train, both of which provide doctors around the world to help children born with cleft palates, would help remind us that we are a good, generous, and very fortunate nation.

And why in the world are we burying our humor at 3 a.m. (Greg Gutfield’s Red Eye) or leaving brilliant humorists like Steve Crowder to fight to be visible on the internet?  Why is Dennis Miller’s main platform the radio?  I love it that he’s there, but can’t his informed, lightly edgy, sardonic humor grace a TV show too?  Too often, we’re all talk and no entertainment.  People want to be entertained. Humor is a great medium for introducing new values.

The cable channel could also have history shows for children.  Again, they wouldn’t proselytize directly, but they’d offer a view of America that combats the Howard Zinn view that currently permeates their education from kindergarten through graduate school.  One of the main things to do would be to educate people beyond their simplistic, ill-informed belief that the Constitution is simply a slave document.  We should have a fun show (good graphics, interesting facts, humor) that puts the Constitution in context and, most importantly, explains how the Bill of Rights came about and why it matters.

We could also have documentaries with pro-Israel histories, honest stories about Communism (let’s talk Soviet gulags and Chinese re-education camps), and Fast and Furious exposes.  Another fruitful idea would be to team with F.I.R.E., a non-partisan organization, to create a show making people aware of free speech restrictions on campus.

Fox itself should be encouraged to offer daytime talk shows, or perhaps to create a new affiliate — something along the lines of “Fox Social.”  Again, this wouldn’t be “conservative TV.”  Instead, it would be fun, human, empathetic, and based upon conservative and realist values.  Indeed, it might be useful for the station to have a lot of entirely content-neutral shows, such as cooking or home decorating shows, just to drive up the audience.

Step 4:  Conservative movies.  This is a no-brainer.  I keep waiting for Declaration Entertainment to make something more than wonderful videos and, instead, to head for the big screen.  When it does, conservative bloggers should support it with everything they’ve got.  And speaking of support, conservatives who love movies need to go Cold Turkey and stop supporting Hollywood.  We give the Left a free pass when we whine about their movies but still pay money to see them.

Step 5:  Stop complaining about how Progressives use the courts to achieve their ends, and starting doing the same ourselves:  We have advocacy groups fighting for churches, for pro-Life causes, etc.  It’s time to get a legal advocacy group that fights for equal access to publicly funded institutions.  That group needs to (1) sue PBS and NPR to get 50% ideological diversity in every minute of their programming; (2) sue every publicly funded school in America (from kindergarten on up) to force ideological diversity in its faculty; (3) start having a say in local school boards.

This last is an important one.  To date, the only school board fights in America have been about evolution versus creationism (a fight that goes back to the 1920s), and about books that supposed advocate witchcraft.  We need to start making the school board and education department curriculum fights about conservative values and about equal presentation of those values.  The fight should focus on economics (free-market versus Big Government), American identity (get rid of Zinn or at least counterbalance him), and national security (we’re not evil when we protect ourselves).

From Lee:

If you’re a convert from liberalism, figure out what made you convert.  Maybe we should all just focus on converting one person a month, each of us. And for every ten of us, in one year, there will be 100 (figuring that some conversions won’t “take”) and in two years, 200 . . . and so on.  (I, Bookworm, will add that using the Leftist approach of personal attack and name-calling will not convert them.  They will just avoid you.  Entice them with ideas, common sense, empathy, and the Dennis Prager trick of creating clarity, which often leads to agreement.  Incidentally, my experience with the Dennis Prager approach is that people invariably end up agreeing with my realist ideas, rather than my agreeing with their Leftist ones.  I still haven’t gotten them to change their knee-jerk Democrat party affiliation, but I’m working on it.)

From jj:

Fight for it as if you want it.  jj’s right.  He’s not talking about mean fighting for a political office, because you want to win.  He’s talking about fighting for an ideological world view.  Romney’s goal was the presidency; our goal can’t be that limited.  We have to use enthusiasm, energy, and creativity to change the zeitgeist.  It’s not about winning elections; it’s about changing the paradigm.

From Bookworm:

Figure out a way to convince young people that there’s nothing cool, hip, and rebellious about embracing establishment politics, pushed by old guys and gals in Washington, on Madison Avenue, and in Hollywood.  What kids should view as cool, hip, and edgy, is to think for themselves and to reject the media sales pitch that inundates them.

All of us should put our money where our mouths are.  One easy thing to do is to supp0rt the band Madison Rising, rather than the dopes who use their music to preach racism, welfare, and violence.  If Madison Rising can making a living providing hard-driving conservative rock, other groups will get inspired.  Lee echoes my belief that we should use the marketplace to change the zeitgeist.

A lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking has been talking about, “Oooooh! We must find ways to broaden our appeal to women and to Hispanics.” I think WE don’t need to “broaden our appeal” (i.e., change to become Progressive? What else can that mean?) But what we need to do is to EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE WHAT IT IS WE ARE ABOUT. And such as it is, the route of effective communication is controlled by the “lame stream media.”

So, how do we get Rachel Maddow and Soledad O’Brien, and Chris Matthews OUT? And the voices of reason in? I say, put our money where our mouths are. STOP WATCHING ANY PBS AT ALL!!!! No more Big Bird! (Okay, so CNN’s rating are in the tank. And Jon Stewart doesn’t have a huge audience either, comparatively speaking.) Make demands of advertisers and sponsors: Stop supporting the lies propagated by the “Main Stream” Media, or we will stop buying Mr. Clean.

Someone else (here or at another blog) suggested an Oprah for the Conservatives. (I forget who they specifically mentioned.) I love that idea. Not an “Oprah FOR THE CONSERVATIVES” so much, and an Oprah who happens to be conservative. Because really, a lot of the Oprah fans are deep down inside conservative about a lot of things. Money matters to most people. And with a popular day time talk show personality making the info Keynes and Hayek and Bastiat accessible to the masses via mass media, well, we could educate oodles of concerned couch potatoes.

I learned a loooooooong time ago that it is virtually impossible to argue with liars. And I have never solved that problem, except LIE ONE’S SELF. If you don’t have the facst at hand, make some up. And if they challenge you, challenge them to prove it. That’s what they do. And that is what happened in this election and one four years ago… And the MEDIA HELPED WITH THE LYING!!!

From Don Quixote:

First, we must get over this notion that anyone who disagrees with us is ignorant and immoral.  Certainly, many on the left (especially in the leadership) are both of those things.  But there are millions upon millions of highly moral people who simply disagree with us.  Many of these people are open to being made less ignorant and persuaded to our cause.

Second, we must pay attention to the message and how we present it.  Obama’s ads were dishonest, but sharp and persuasive.  Romney’s ads were unfocused and ineffective.

For example, here in central Florida, with its many retirees, Obama ran weeks of ads saying that Romney would turn Medicare into a voucher program, basically telling seniors that their own Medicare was in peril.  Bookworm posted a reasonably effective (though too short) commercial featuring our own Senator Rubio.  So far as I saw, it never ran here.  Instead, Obama’s ad went unanswered for weeks.  Finally, in the last few days of the campaign, Romney ran ads clarifying that his plan would not change Medicare for anyone over 55 and would give a choice to anyone under 55, and even that ad didn’t say what the choice was.   That ad was far too little and far too late.


Third, we must find ways to stand firm in our principles while being flexible in our positions.  For example, it would not violate our principles to support a path to citizenship for all immigrants who seek it.  America is a land of immigrants and it is, if anything, against conservative principles to close the borders to those who seek a better life here.  I believe that we could be more successful among Hispanic voters, and completely consistent with our principles, if we put forward a plan that (a) allowed a short path to citizenship for all who sought it, but (b) cut off benefits to all those who did not seek citizenship.  Immigrants who are now here illegally would be given the opportunity to choose which course they desired.  I believe a plan can be put together that would, at a minimum, not turn off Hispanic voters but still be true to conservative values.  If that much is accomplished, Hispanics will become Republicans in large numbers because they largely share conservative values, especially regarding family and religion.

Incidentally, regarding our ad communication failures, Don Quixote doesn’t just point out a problem with Romney ads, he offers solutions that could be used for all Realist (or Individualist or Free Market) ads.

Ultimately, we are helpless only if we are inert.  If we sit and spin ideas around in our heads and just talk to each other, reinforcing our own beliefs, we will lose.  We must sell our ideas outside of the usual circles.  Further we can win only if we find common ground with the identity groups Obama targeted (women, minorities, gays, etc.).  While we may have marginal disagreements with those groups, my suspicion is that there’s still time (but only just) to bring them together with us on core free-market, individualist, constitutional values.

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  • Caped Crusader

    And for the umpteenth time, why do we conservatives who are supposedly twice as many as liberals, not have a national daily conservative newspaper that constantly trumpets our values and common sense solutions?
    And I also repeat, if YOU are subscribing to your local daily liberal rag, CANCEL IT, you can live without it, as I have done for 15 or more years. I was shocked recently to see how thin and small and bereft of advertising it has become. For the first time in history they did not endorse a candidate, who would have been Obama. My hometown paper, The Nashville Tennessean, where AL Gore cut his teeth, endorsed Republicans for the first time in history. They don’t have to see the light, if they feel enough heat. I saw a listing of the top 50 newspapers and many had swapped this election to Romney instead of Obama, or were not making any endorsements at all. We have tremendous power if we get off our asses and use it. Take the time to right a nice letter to any product you buy and nicely tell them your are disappointed in their advertising on a certain show, and you will be unable to continue purchasing their product even though you prefer it. A nice letter handwritten or typed on personal paper is thought to represent 1000 other people, and gets results.
    This election, we for the first time in history have a House and Senate Republican super majority, something that would have been thought impossible 20 years ago. The Democrat state chairman actually said he considered it a victory that they had only lost 6 seats. Two years ago a Republican governor was elected, replacing one of the few sane and decent Democrats left in the country, who actually had  made his own fortune in the REAL business world and understood how it worked.


    To all the wonderful bloggers and blog sites:
    It’s been long overdue and now is the time to gather to form a voice of unity and begin the process of forming a new party. Begin with Watcher of Weasels and regional blogs of like-minded and then begin to gather on a regular basis regionally and eventually nationally. There are reporters, lawyers, professors and economists across the country, each of them blogging individually. You can’t raze a barn or build one by yourself – you need one another and on this side of the screen and we need a goto place. It’s a long-term commitment.
    Shorter-term idea: Find the most clever writers and comedians and get a version of a Seinfeld back on the air. Call it The Life of _____” or  to get the viewer watching and drip..drip..drip introduce ideas, easy economics, logic or create the new “Archie Bunker”. Do it with humor, do it subtly – just do it!

  • Oldflyer

    Book, reading the analysis of the election I have done a complete turnaround in my reaction.
    If the White-conservative vote had turned out, Romney wins is the message I am seeing.
    I am furious.  I railed early and often about the likes of Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer. Limbaugh also.  Those names come readily to mind, but there were legions of them.  I said that they and all of the other so-called purists were poisoning the well with their message that Romney was not conservative enough.  The old cliche that “the perfect is the enemy of the good” has never been more true.
    Just at the time that the Obama people were conducting the dirtiest, most dishonest campaign to destroy Romney, the very people who should have been defending him were attacking from the other flank.  Most of them came around after some time and avowed that Romney had to win to block Obama, but they were late, and the damage was done.  As a result, a very good man, who I believe would have been an excellent, perhaps outstanding President, was turned away on a false narrative.
    I heard some Ass (pardon the language, but I don’t know how else to identify him) on Limbaugh today, defending himself by saying that he would never vote for a Moderate, which he identified as anyone who used the phrase “cross the aisle”.  Limbaugh pointed out that folks with his attitude put us on a potentially catastrophic path by giving Obama another four years.  Limbaugh was about three months late with his weak endorsement of Romney.
    This  electorate in this country is burdened by too many fools.  There are the Statists who want the government to grow and grow so it can hand out more goodies.  Then there are the fools on the other side, who will give the Statists power out of spite.

  • jj

    Little of this is necessary – is 2010 forgotten so quickly?  Between 3 and 3.5 million republican voters couldn’t bring themselves to pull the lever for yet another moderate.  If 3 million of them had showed up, Romney would have won the popular vote by 180,000.
    The message isn’t that the message isn’t getting out, or that it needs to be changed.  What needs to be changed is the GOP, and it needs to go away.  Conservatives win when they’re energized and into it: 2010 was only 24 months ago – I doubt if the nation underwent anything seismic in the last 24 months.  What changed was that another pointless moderate was nominated.  People who feel it, are into it, and will fight for it mopped the floor with dead democrats in 2010.  24 months ago.  Moderates – GHW Bush, Dole, McCain, and Romney – of what use are they?  They advance no point of view, they stand for nothing, and even if the vast minds at the GOP are happy nominating them, nobody else should be.
    I’d like that to be thought about, DQ – or anybody else: what amazing change happened between November 2010 and now that suddenly rendered the conservative message unpalatable?  If something did, I must have been napping, I missed it.  We nominated a nice, comfy, safe, uninspiring moderate – again – and lost.  Again.  This is a surprise?  (He himself nominated a young firebrand, Ryan – and then wouldn’t let him talk.  Gee, that was smart, wasn’t it?)
    We need to purge the GOP, or throw it away and start over.  When it’s tried, conservatism works.  I listen to all these commentators, and opinion makers, and I just think that memories are growing ever shorter, aren’t they.  It was 2010, not 1810.  Two years ago, not a century.  Two years ago it looked like the democrats were well along the road to the ash-heap of history.  What happened?  Moderates happened, that’s what.  We got worried about “electability” rather than advancing a viewpoint.
    All this stuff about advancing the message, or cleaning up the message, or rendering the message more palatable is off the point: we were showed how to win, smashingly, two years ago – and it was we ourselves who showed us.  Are we really so damn stupid we’ve forgotten?  From only two years ago?
    Doesn’t make us look too smart, kids.

  • Oldflyer

    JJ, I hope you are not saying that you  were one of those who “could not pull the lever for a moderate”.  What the hell is a moderate to these people?   Is it an intelligent, accomplished man, who is honest and ethical and would govern according to our founding principles and the Constitution of the United States.  But, who is also intelligent enough to know that if you do not have a bullet proof  majority in both houses, and you are not going to have one, you have to make some compromises to govern?   That you  sometimes have to  take the best deal you can get, otherwise the country will simply wallow in chaos?  In other words a man who lives in reality?
    My wife and I discussed the essence of my post above, and she did not agree that it was the “opinion makers” at fault; but rather the burden is on each potential voter who was too stupid to go vote.  She is right of course, but so many sheep are led by those “Opinion Makers” that I do blame them.  Fools like Ron Paul as well. He knew the stakes, he knew that he could do nothing but divert a hand full of votes, and more hurtful, discourage more of his people from voting at all; but, he could not bring himself to face reality–or he cannot recognize reality.
    Angry?  I am very angry.
    I have nothing but disdain for  the Statists for where they want to take the country; and  for the small minded fools who vote from pure ignorance or for  their narrow selfish interests instead of the good of the country.  But, I truly detest the stiff necks who, faced with the stark reality of this election, ducked their responsibility and sold us down the river.

  • Don Quixote

    jj, you ask what changed between 2010 and 2012. Here is a very partial list:

    1.  The economy improved.  Unemployment is down, housing prices are up, the stock market is up, etc., etc. in the last 2 years. 

    2.  The Democrats weren’t taken by surprise this time.  We did very well in 2010 because we were energized and the other side underestimated us.  By 2012 they had recovered, reacted to the threat, and got out their vote far more effectively than they had in 2010.

    3.  2012 was a Presidential election.  Energized minorities often do well in off-year elections.  They have a much tougher time in Presidential years, partly because voter turnout is so much higher.

    4.  As I’ve discussed before, Obama’s commercials were far superior to Romney’s.  I believe the same could be said generally — the Obama campaign was far more effective than the Romney campaign.

    5.  The 2012 election, as all Presidential elections, was more greatly influenced by personalities than the 2010 off year election.  And, whether we like it or not, Obama has consistently polled as more likeable than Romney.  That likeability translates into votes.  Note: Romney’s campaign made this effect worse by playing into it.  The spokespeople in Romney’s ads were positively apologetic.  The message was that Obama was wonderful, but his ideas just didn’t work out.  Dumb. 

    6. Despite the improved economy, I’ll bet (without looking into it) that more people were dependent on the government in 2012 than were in 2010.  Folks dependent on the government are more likely to vote for the statist candidate.

    7.  Obama did a terrific job of scaring seniors and women into believing that a Romney Presidency would be awful for them.  Romney’s response was ineffectual.     

    I’m sure you and others could add to this list.  But I fear that 2010 was the aberation, not 2012.  I hope the conservative mesasage is not unpalatable.  However, there is no question whatsoever that the conservative message as presented by the Romney campaign is unpalatable and, given the changing demographics of this country, will only become more so over time.          

  • Charles Martel

    DQ’s points make sense. They lead to the question of how do we get through to the leftist mindset? I’m beginning to think we’re in the position of a parent whose 14 year old has turned into a sneery, surly, entitled hellion. Ever tried to reason with an oblivious, self-absorbed human being who way prefers emoting over thinking?
    Maybe that’s where we are. If so, perhaps what we should do is stand back and let the kid reap the consequences. Does it hurt us? It sure does, to see somebody suffer from his self-destructive acts and suffer the slop-over from them that splash on us. But sometimes a sandwich delivered by reality itself instead of us grumpy adults gets the kid’s attention.
    Maybe we just issue warnings along the lines of, “When the collapse comes—and it will—stop by and talk to us about the way out.” Rinse and repeat enough times and maybe some of the lost will remember where to go look for directions when the times comes.

  • Earl

    Oldflyer, I understand your frustration, and even share it….a bit.
    I’ve been arguing with my rather libertarian brother, who’s a lot “purer” than I am, and who is really into it, in terms of reading and so on.  I’m more of the “gut feeling” sort in this area – though not all.
    Anyhow, he says something that is absolutely true — there really isn’t much point working for and contributing to a Party that’s going the same place as the Dems, just a bit (even a lot) slower.  It’s the difference between jumping in the river above Niagara Falls and swimming upstream, rather than down.  You are both headed for disaster, and the only solution to the problem is to get out of the d**n river!!
    We are headed for disaster unless we cut back the size and scope of the Federal government.  I see no signs that the GOP as a Party is committed to this goal.  Most Republican politicians in D.C. are quite comfortable there, and while they’d like to be in the majority, they keep most of their perks even when the Dems are running things, and the media is a lot nicer to them when they aren’t in charge.
    If you doubt this, ask yourselves what genuinely conservative legislation GW proposed and his majorities in BOTH the House and Senate passed between 2000 and 2006.  I love George W. Bush, and he did a great job in some areas….but when it came to Fannie and Freddie, he phoned it in.  Obama and the Dems WANTED Obamacare, and they did what they needed to do and passed it.  None of the Republicans in Washington wanted to reform Fannie and Freddie enough to brave the namecalling (Racists!!) and the shunning that would have come their way had they forced reforming legislation through.  And the damage to the nation from that failure was not trivial.
    If Mitt Romney (another man that I respect and admire) were really prepared to do genuinely conservative stuff if elected, he certainly kept it to himself, wouldn’t you agree?  It was most assuredly not the focus of his campaigning, and he spent precious little time educating the American public on its necessity.  Or did I miss something?
    I’ve often heard that there is no change without pain…..and I suspect that the pain is going to have to be vastly increased before Americans stop voting for Santa Claus…or free stuff….or choose your own preferred phraseology.
    Ugly, but there it is.

  • Earl

    jj: How many GOP voters came out in 2010?  I’ve seen the figures for 2008 and for 2012 (the latter are growing, and best estimates are that Romney will get the same number as McCain did, when all are counted), but not 2010.   Isn’t it true that, in general, far fewer voters go to the polls in off years?  I think so – if 2010 was an exception to this rule, I’ve not read it anywhere.
    Caped Crusader:  You live in Tennessee!!  I absolutely loved my five years there (2004-2009), and I told everyone I talked politics to that I’d finally found a Democrat I could vote for – even for President.  We’re talking about Governor Phil Bredesen, a fine man and an honorable politician.  He refused to side with his Party and support an income tax, or to raise the sales tax – he treated the public purse like his own, and balanced the budgets with cutting waste and eliminating the unnecessary.  I wish he’d move to California, but the crazies out here wouldn’t recognize him as a member of their Party!

  • Oldflyer

    Ok Earl. 
    That is exactly the mindset I have heard.  Obama will take us over the cliff quickly, and any Republican who can get the nomination will take us over eventually.  So, let’s get it over with.  
    Well, when you go over the cliff it will be a very long fall, and no one knows what waits at the bottom.  I have cited the example of the Wiemar Republic in some forums.   I would suggest that you do everything you can to avoid the cliff as long as possible.  There is no path to the edge of the cliff that is as certain and as bleak as an Obama Presidency and a Harry Reid Senate. 
    As to the pain before gain; that suggests that the clock can be turned back after some finite period of pain.  That may not be the case. Let’s look at one example,  Supreme Court Justices who serve for a generation.  Irreparable damage can be done.  Another example; FDR’s massive programs that started the march toward Statism.  They have survived and grown exponentially across many administrations, including, yes, Ronald Reagan’s.  So, there is also the possibility of pain without gain; unending pain.
    Obviously, I do not buy any of the arguments put forth.  For anyone who can’t stomach  the GOP, those people should be working 24/7, year in and year out, to build the infrastructure to support another viable party capable of winning.  But, most of the dissidents emerge every 4th year, and then carp that their favorite doesn’t have a prayer of making a difference.  Then they throw their vote away on him anyway, or else they sit on their vote in a snit and give away a critical election.
    Nope, not buying it.

  • Earl

    Oldflyer: You are absolutely correct about tactics, and I have ALWAYS voted for the “lesser of the two weevils” when it mattered.  In California, it doesn’t matter, and in the past I’ve voted Libertarian (as I’m registered), but in 2012, I voted for Romney.  Tired of the Party posturing, honestly.
    I also agree that people complaining about Romney as not pure enough for them don’t do much except at election time (frustrates me about my brother), and they ought to be doing everything possible to either purify the GOP or start an alternative.
    I guess my point is to say that we desperately NEED politicians who will work for (and VOTE for) smaller government and lower spending.  It’s not enough, in the long run, to vote for the guy who promises to swim upstream.  I suspect that we aren’t in disagreement about that.  I’m getting the impression that there are a number of us at this blog who are pretty much in the same boat.  Things are looking bleak.

  • Mrs.Mo

    Hi all, I am new here and really only wanted to touch base with Book.  I learned a few weeks ago that she was of Dutch-Indonesian descent and so am I.  But, I also wanted to address the topic, which I find very interesting. 

    I know many people have issues with Glenn Beck, but he has started down this path already.  He took himself out of the MSM and has started his own network.  I think we need to find ways to get around the “system”.  I haven’t read a newspaper in years and I haven’t watched any news on TV or Cable, I’ve even given up on Fox.  I think Mr. Beck has positioned himself to do some good, I’ve enjoyed the Real News on his network and some of the other offerings are great too.  He’s trying to expand and, even if you don’t like him, I think he’s on the right track.  I also believe there is little time left to start doing something.  Censorship is coming and it’s not liberal ideas that are going to be squashed.  Maybe give him another try, if you’ve already dismissed him, it might be worth it.

    We all know what happened in this election.  There is no more time to vent, we must DO.  I am not comfortable with expressing my feelings, but I’ve resolved not to stay quiet any longer.  Next time my son-in-law says communism the way to go (and he has)  I intend to address it fully and not just gasp in horror.  It’s not much, but if we all open our mouths and start talking, hopefully the change will come.

    Book – I have a story I wanted you to read, from my father.  It’s about his time in Indonesia during the Japanese occupation in WWII.  I’m not computer savy and don’t know how to paste it on here, but I friended you on Facebook and if you accept I can get it to you that way.  He is an interesting man and his story is amazing, if I do say so myself.  At 14 he was in a Japanese work camp and the stories he tells about that are horrific.  My mother was also Dutch and I was born in Delft.  We came to this country when I was 2 and the blessings it has shown to us have been amazing.  Look forward to sending it to you.     

  • Caped Crusader

    Earl, Phil Bredesen it was! Don’t you long for the days when America was in safe hands no matter which party won? Bradley County, adjacent to Hamilton, was the reddest in TN last time I checked.  Chattanooga is one of the best fun small cities for a tourist to visit, and my wife was born there.
    For those who love classical music I would like to let everyone know that SAU has a great station online, which I am listening to now. Since Adventists celebrate the sabbath the same as Jews, it is silent from sundown Friday til sundown Saturday.

  • JKB

    It’s not just bypassing the current media, but also redeveloping critical thinking in people.  Funny that the current lament is that undergraduates don’t develop critical thinking in college when we used to teach it to 3rd graders.  Or rather, we helped them refine their natural critical thinking abilities rather than become conditioned to doubt them.

    I had this thought a couple years ago reading a book on public speaking by Reid Buckley, brother of William F Buckley.  Written in the late 1980s, he mentioned with all the reality shows on TV he expected at some point a show feature real debate would emerge. Of course, this didn’t happen.  However, such a show might just the ticket.  Something like “Can you out debate a 10th grader?” or “America’s top arguers.”  It wouldn’t deal with the weighty controversial topics but kids or others would debate innocuous topics and be judged on their rhetorical skills.  Topic such as boxers vs. briefs, thongs vs “commando”, 32 oz cups vs. multiple 16 oz drinks, etc.  A few debates with the contestants forced to switch up and argue the other side could be entertaining.  But it also could introduce the public to good debate.  Such exposure could make them less likely to accept what passes for political debate today.  And as we “know” the left can’t argue the facts without revealing their true nature.

    BTW, since I’ve misplaced the book, i looked Reid Buckley up.  I found this link to a still relevant interview he gave the Daily Caller after the 2010 election

     To awaken his late brother’s movement, Reid Buckley offers bold conservative vision | The Daily Caller 

    The first thing that has to be done is to tell people, “you don’t deserve anything.” They’re told they deserve everything, that everything is an entitlement. But we should be very clear that the only thing they deserve is the liberty of their conscience and justice under the law.

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  • Richard Johnston

    Lee and Bookworm said:
    If you’re a convert from liberalism, figure out what made you convert.  Maybe we should all just focus on converting one person a month, each of us. And for every ten of us, in one year, there will be 100 (figuring that some conversions won’t “take”) and in two years, 200 . . . and so on.  (I, Bookworm, will add that using the Leftist approach of personal attack and name-calling will not convert them.  They will just avoid you.  Entice them with ideas, common sense, empathy, and the Dennis Prager trick of creating clarity, which often leads to agreement.  
    Don Quixote said:
    First, we must get over this notion that anyone who disagrees with us is ignorant and immoral.  Certainly, many on the left (especially in the leadership) are both of those things.  But there are millions upon millions of highly moral people who simply disagree with us.  Many of these people are open to being made less ignorant and persuaded to our cause.
    I suggest these things are most important.  Cards on the table: I voted for President Obama in 2008, and I voted for Governor Romney this year.  I changed because I was persuaded that was better for the country at this time.  Persuaded – not browbeat.  I was persuaded in spite of, not because of, hearing that I was a communist, traitor, dupe, idiot, what have you, because of whom I voted for in 2008.  Don Quixote is quite correct IMO – there are millions of persuadable people of good faith, and you do nothing to persuade them if you concentrate and verbally attack the fringe element on the far left which is not persuadable in the first place.  And I am not excusing congruent conduct from the other side; my point is not about “they do it too.”  My point is that vitriol doesn’t work.  Concentrate on people of good faith who are open to persuasion by rational, reasonable arguments on the merits.  There are more than enough of them to swing an election, given how closely the electorate is divided.

  • jhstuart

    Clearly, the message (and messenger), medium and branding are some of the key reasons for the losses in this critical election. The fact that three million registered Republicans sat this one out is sufficient proof of this conclusion.
    When we have an electorate that is largely uninformed of the issues and consequences; then, the facts and solutions go missing. While all the above suggestions are a start towards hopefully better results in the future, there has to be something more.
    Instead of assuming what the other side wants to hear, we have to get into their heads (and hearts) by asking them to learn what buttons to push other than just free ‘stuff’. More importantly, we have to offer hope (not the kind POTUS is shoveling). Self preservation is a prime motive; so, what can we offer to assure them we recognize the importance of self without compromising our core values? And, how can we communicate our values so as to make them palatable and workable? Is it possible to educate without preaching? Can we communicate the importance of the Constitution, personal responsibility, significance of a strong America (economically, socially and militarily) and a host of other subjects that made this country the beacon? Can we develop phone apps that will encourage people to drop in daily for some pithy comment or fact of civic importance (sort of like Bill Bennett’s Almanac)?
    Just asking.

  • Ymarsakar

    Richard Johnston’s proposal of retail conversion and speaking is much akin to the belief of Mormon and Jehovah Witness missionaries. But in this context of the war against evil, it’d be like trying to win the war by convincing each individual enemy soldier on the battlefield to turn their back on their own allies and family.

    Even if you were to convince every soldier of an entire enemy army of this, how exactly would this win the war? 

  • Ymarsakar

    “and you do nothing to persuade them if you concentrate and verbally attack the fringe element on the far left which is not persuadable in the first place”

    The Fringe elements speak for the rest, because they control the rest. Exactly as a slave plantation controls its slaves. In so far as the cannonfodder get fed to the front lines to distract us, it is done at the express orders of the Leftist masters, what you would call the fringe extremists.

    A famous ex slave decided to participate in the Underground Railroad, composed of safe houses of Christians of various sorts who didn’t like slavery since they believed it was against the grace of God. Well, this particular conductor carried a gun, loaded with ammo not intended to kill overseers or slavemasters, but the very slaves she was trying to get to slavery. It was because a few times, slaves would get it into their head that they made the wrong decision, that a life as a house slave or field slave was better than the unknown uncertainty of traveling to distant and foreign places. They would then try to make their way back to the master, and hopefully evade punishment by reporting on the location of underground safe houses. The gun was there expressly to destroy such slaves should they attempt to escape the rails.

    Whether we are leading Democrats to liberty or not, has nothing to do with what we are required to do to them to make the goal achievable. 

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