Democrat-ruled Oakland, California, targets news crews

For decades now, the Left has been excusing crime with the old “root causes” argument:  criminals are made, not born, and they’re made by a confluence of poverty, racism, peer pressure, etc.  Because white Leftists feel guilty about this, they’ve tended to give ghetto-based criminals a pass.  It’s not their fault they’re criminals; it’s our fault, so we should not judge them harshly.

Of course, regardless of its cause, the problem with giving criminal behavior a pass is that it takes away disincentives for crime.  Anyone with a lick of sense knows that you have to attack crime at both root and branch, with the branch being those disincentives.

I mention all this because the media has been one of the major purveyors of the “pathetic criminal” meme, which is consistent with the media’s 90 Democrat demographic.  But the one thing these Lefties forgot is that revolutions always eat their own.  And that’s why we get this story coming out of Oakland, the city next door to Berkeley, with a population made up of rich white liberals and poor blacks.  Municipal government hews Left even by California standards, which may explain the abysmal poverty in which many of Oakland’s blacks live — and the crime.  Hitherto, the media has been somewhat sympathetic to the crime.  I wonder, though, if that’s all about to change:

The violent robbery of a television news crew outside an Oakland school last week was the latest in a series of similar incidents in a city where the rate of strong-arm robberies and holdups is surging.

But the brazenness of the attack – which occurred during a live broadcast in the middle of the day – has brought fresh urgency to the problem.

Union officials who represent reporters at most of the Bay Area’s major television and radio stations said Tuesday they had asked the broadcasters to immediately hire security guards to accompany news crews when they are in Oakland. At least one station has already enlisted guards, and others are considering it.

You can read the rest here.

I suspect that what brought “fresh urgency to the problem” isn’t a criminal act in a violent city, but the fact that the reporters were the targets.  (Shame on me for being so cynical.)



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  • JKB

    On the upside, veteran’s need jobs and many are well versed in establishing a defensive perimeter when dismounted in a hostile neighborhood.  To bad these reporters are in the bag, otherwise I could see one or two having some fun doing a live report in the embed outfit de rigueur complete with vest and helmet.  No wonder the MSM is dying.  They just can’t be fun when they must support the party at all costs.

  • Jose

    As the MSM struggles and looks to the government to bail them out (ala GM),  they will benefit from stimulus spending in the form of new equipment, security jobs will be created, and eventually unionized, and the 99% will continue to acquire “free stuff”.  Everyone wins.
    The reports states the thieves left the scene in a Mercedes – evidence that a benevolent government has already helped them on their rise from poverty.
    In seriousness, the simplest solution isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article.

  • USMaleSF

    A strangely encouraging event yesterday afternoon in downtown San Francisco, near Market and 4th. A blond woman around 20 running down the street yelling, He took my bag. Like a wave, the folks on the street began pointing and yelling in the direction of a young black man, running north in typical Oakland outfit. Amazingly, near the corner, a young white man in shorts, plaid shirt and glasses, with a backpack, took off after the guy and tackled him at the corner. People clapped. 

    Let me point out, of course, that race had NOTHING to do with this and that the scenario of a YOUNG BROTHA stealing from Whites on the streets is RARE.

    What is actually rare is the young white man’s action. Good for him.

    It would be fascinating if SF were not separated from Oakland by the Bay but if it were contiguous and actually contained within the City of Love and Racial Enlightenment, where the once 15% Black population is down to 7% and a lot of them went to Oakland…


  • Charles Martel

    A lot of San Francisco’s departing blacks were equity emigrants, older people who had bought into Hunter’s Point and Bay View back in the 50s and 60s and lived to see the value of their homes quintuple and sextuple. They took the money and ran, mostly to places like Pinole and Hercules where they could get a bigger house, a backyard, a bit more sun, and escape from the marauding morons that have made urban black neighborhoods such s**tholes.
    Some did move to Oakland, but the smarter ones didn’t.
    San Francisco, which is an incredibly racist city, has been wringing its hands over the past few years about its declining black population. It’s as though blacks are bit players in the elaborate psychodrama of progressive politics. How dare our Negroes act like free people and leave our beautiful city with its condescending attitude towards “people of color” and the crappy public schools it uses to keep them on the plantation?

  • Ymarsakar

    The reporters will just do what the criminals tell them. Same with Islamic terrorists.